Hey guys this isnt my story its by a girl named Fanny on facebook just type in Nothing Like Us. she makes amazing stories so i decided i wanted to share one with you guys!!!(:


2. Temptation

title: Temptation 
Part: 2
---At work---
Its 3am and i am talking thru the phone with malcom
Me: I love you so much
Malcom: i love you more i want you to come live with me
Me: You know i cant my sister needs me she is just a kid
Malcom: she is 17 she need to work 
Me: I dont want to fight i have to go a customer just got here
Malcom: ok bye love you
Me: bye muaxx
I hung up and i see a bus and i could hear the music and see the colorful lights inside this boy gets down alone he looks drunk he grabs some beers and some condoms he is wearing glasses and a hoddie
Me: Is that all sr.?
Justin: Yes
Me: i need to see your license i need to see if your old enough to buy beers
He puts down his hoddie and take of the glasses
Justin: Hey maybe we can forget about that huh?
Me: Oh your that boy justin bieber
Justin: Yeah that's me
Me: A party on the bus?
Justin: Yeah
Me: Oh i tried buying a ticket for my sister and their were all sold out dont you have like a extra i could pay you right now i will do anything for my sister (smile)
Justin: No but i have a Vip
Me: Yeah how much is it?
Justin: How about you have sex with me and i will give you the ticket? 
Me: Are you crazy i have a boyfriend and i would never cheat on him with you
Justin: i thought you said you will do anything for your sister?
Me: Yeah but not have sex with you eww!
Justin: Oh ok fine 
He throws $10 and grab only the condoms and start to walk away, I start thinking about Frances this will be her best birthday gift ever, Temptation should i do it or not?? 
Me: shiet..Wait!
He turn around with a creepy smile on his face
Justin: Yeah?
Me: Ok fine i'll do it but get me the ticket now and i will do it
He goes to the bus gets the ticket and came back
Justin: Finish the work and ill give you the ticket
Me: ok
We go to the bathroom and he starts kissing me
Me: No kisses,no marks just hurry up before someone comes
He put his pants down and i was wearing a skirt i put my panty down and he puts jerry inside of me he try to kiss me a few time but i back away, Tears came down my blue eyes and i just wanted this to be over i notice he was about to orgasm inside of me and i push him he fell he was so drunk
Justin: Bitch!
Me: Hey believe me condoms are not 100% safe so we are done give me the ticket 
Justin: Here Vip now she can meet me
Me: nobody can know about this ok?
Justin: I was suppose to say that but sure what ever 
I Go back and he smiles at me and leaves i started crying
Me: What did i do just for a stupid ticket i cheated on the man i love agh but anything for my sister i guess.
Justin gets on the tour bus and he tell alfredo what happend alfredo was mad that justin did that alfredo was the only one not drinking. justin told him that he tempt me and i fell for his trick.
Alfredo: i cant believe you did that bro you will regret it tomorrow
Justin: Blah blah blah fuck it Lets get out of here!! We cant stop the party yet lets go to my house!!
I get home tired i take a shower and i didnt wake up frances i forgot i just went to sleep, She comes to my room at 10am
Frances: you didnt wake me up
Me: you are all grown enough to wake up by yourself ok
Frances: Oh sorry..
Me: NO forgive me im just not in the mood its ok just stay here
She laid down next to me
Me: I have a huge surprise
Frances: What?
Me: I got you a Vip Ticket now your going to meet him i bet he is a awesome guy (fake smile)
I gave her the ticket she hugs me kiss me she was jumping in the bed so excited i have never seen her like this before
Me: Best gift ever?
Frances: Yeah but how did you get it?

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