It's true that im in love with a Britannian

This is a code geass fan-fiction about a girl named Serenity who is Japanese. She attends Ashford academy on a scholarship. the year is 2017. Then she met the Britannian boy whom she has fallen in love with. Lelouch Lamperouge.


2. Lelouch and suzaku.

I walked around the school eager to meet EVERYONE. *CRASH* I fell backward. "Sorry" I said . "that's ok" a boy said. I looked at him. he had black hair and unusually purple eyes. "I-I didn't .... I'm sorry I'm new" I stuttered. he held out his hand . I grabbed it as he pulled me up. "I-I'm Serenity" I blushed. "I'm Lelouch Vice-President " he looked at a boy with brown hair who pulled his collar. "Need to go . Talk to you later Serenity" he said running off.

Lelouch I thought He's cute. I looked at my schedule " math" I said walking to the class.

I looked around the class and found a seat near the back. Two boys came in and sat on either side of me. I looked over and it was Leleoch. I looked over and it was the brown haired boy. "Serenity" Lelouch said "that's my friend Suzaku"

"hello" Suzaku said

"your not brittanian" I replied. "why im Japanese "he said

"well so am I" I smiled.

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