It's true that im in love with a Britannian

This is a code geass fan-fiction about a girl named Serenity who is Japanese. She attends Ashford academy on a scholarship. the year is 2017. Then she met the Britannian boy whom she has fallen in love with. Lelouch Lamperouge.


1. My first day at Ashford?!

Hello my name is Serenity. I'm 16 years old, 5'7". I have long blonde hair. Oh and I'm Japanese. Well earlier this morning my mom called me downstairs because I got a package. "thanks mom" I said walking back to my room. You see I just got a scholarship to Ashford academy and when I opened the package there was a letter and my uniform. The letter read:

Dear Serenity

this is your Ashford academy uniform

your classes begin September 7th

there will be a bus to pick you up.

it will stop right outside the there at 8:00 sharp

some of your school mates will also be on that bus

after school pack your bags because your getting a dorm.

cant wait for your arrival!

principal of the academy.

"today is September 7th!!!!" I said quickly getting on my uniform and running out the door. "bye mom" I said to her as I rushed past "its 7:55 and it takes 10 minutes to walk so I'll have to run" I said running at top speed.

I got to the bus stop right on time. The  bus pulled up and the doors opened. I  saw a saw a bunch of people but no empty seats. of course since I'm Japanese they wont want to sit beside me. I walked down the bus isle and notice everyone is looking at me. I found an empty seat and sat in it.

The bus drove to Ashford and once we got there I was the last one off the bus "wow its huge" I said. I walked around the school and got lost a lot. Ashford I'm ready for ya give me your best shot!!!!!

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