One Dierction Saga

"Louis! don't hurt him!" I screamed. "Harry, stay out of this. I don't want you to get hurt."

The heartbreak, the torture, the love. It can only lead up to one thing. One Direction Saga.


1. Intro Part 1

~Morgan P.O.V~

Hi. My name is Morgan Taylor. I have red long hair, purple eyes, and have three older sisters. Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle. We don't have a mom or a dad because they both died when we were very young. So when they died we moved in the mountains with our uncle Andrew. He trained us to be very powerful, With harsh punishments and hard training, but then he died. So me and my sisters moved again when I was 15- year-old. We moved to Arizona. Our High School is called Phoenix High School and it's a mortal High School so we have to keep it a secret. until I meet Gianna, Louis, Maggi and Niall. My four best friends.





                                                                ~ Gianna P.O.V ~

Ello! My name is Gianna Love. I have brown long hair with blue eyes but when I use one of my powers it turns red. I have no family, so really I live on my own. I live in Arizona, in the middle of the woods and I am a half of a witch. I only have 3 powers. I can read minds, send thoughts to people, and when I want to I can give people massive pain by just looking at them.  How I am a half of a witch is because my mom was a witch and my dad wasn't. He was a mortal. We were a happy family till my mom died when I was 10-years-old. My dad took it really hard. He started drinking and beating me. Then he died by his liver busted when I was 14-years-old. Ever scents then I bin living and taking care of myself. My parents left me a lot of money before they died and all that to live. I go to school at Phoenix High School. I have to keep my secret to myself because everyone is a mortal and if they find out they will freak, but only my four beast friends Maggi, Morgan, Louis, and Niall know my secret and I know there's as well.    






                                                       ~ Maggi P.O.V ~

Hi my name is Maggi I have strawberry blond hair and blue eyes. Now I'm not like Gianna or Morgan, I'm a normal girl. Cute, bubbly girl that I am, but I'm also shy. My parents are separated and always on biasness trips so I'm home alone a lot, but I'm always with Gianna and Morgan somewhere getting in to tribal like always. We talk about boys, our crushes, and all that kinda jazz that girls talk about. I don't have a brother or a sister but Gianna and Morgan are. Gianna all ways send me mine thoughts. Which is pretty funny because there funny and stupid and I live in the city and she live in the woods.

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