my guardian angel

when allie falls in love she realizes the true meaning of love and gets the shock of her life and has to learn how too deal with it without going crazy

1. him

"come on slut, lets see what you got" daniel says to me, its after school and him and his four friends dragged me back here, he punches me in the side of the neck, then kicks my shin, he kicks high and hits me so hard in my shoulder i start to cry, he pushes me and i fall to the ground

"why cant you just leave me alone" i yell, tears streaming down my face

"do you mean the name calling or the beating you up part" he asks, a smile on his face, i try to stand up but he kicks me in the stomach, he grabs the arm that he kicked and pulls me to my feet like im nothing

"the pain" i say through gritted teeth, i feel a sharp pain in the back of my neck, he has a knife against me

"because i can, you don't deserve to live, your ugly, fat, a nerd, a jerk" he says and puts his other hand around the front of my neck

"funny, jerk sums up to you perfectly" i say proud of myself, he punches me in the stomach hard, his brown curly hair hanging in his face, my hip length brown hair a mess and in my face, my shoulder length bangs wet from blood from my forehead where he kicked me earlier and with sweat

"don't talk to me that way, i can easily kill you right now Hailey" he calls me by my real name, i hate my middle name, i changed it to allie last year because it caused too much trouble when i killed for money, it was an accident, i really wasn't going to kill anyone, i did it in self defense it was one of Daniels' old friends, and now he bullies me whenever he can to make up for it

"i can say whatever i want, its a free country" i say, i live in salt lake city Utah, it is beautiful, it is spring now, but is still a bit chilly, but im not wearing a jacket, i don't need one, the air feels nice

you sure, i will break your face" he says, then a cop pulls up behind the gates and runs over, the boys run, but are surrounded, one young officer drives me home, he walks me up to my door and talks to my older brother about what happened

"we got there after another student called us" the officer says

"ok, thanks for driving her home officer" my brother justin says

"no problem" the officer says and walks off, justin shuts the door and puts a hand on my shoulder when i walk away

"what did you do to make them do that" he says turning me

"i don't want to talk about it" i say wiping away fresh tears when i touch my badly bruised arm, but my shirt covers it

"come on" i pull away from him, i am usually so close to him, but i just really want to be alone for a while

"just leave me alone" i run upstairs and throw my backpack on the floor of my room, i trip on our dog lacey, our Labrador retriever, she gets up and starts to lick my face

"lacey stop" i say quietly, she stops and whimpers

"i don't know whats going on lacey, i wish i did" i say sitting on my bed, she cuddles up around my feet and gives me a im confused look

"these guys beat me up today, but im fine, i will just have to deal with it for a while" i say to her, she jumps up on the bed and nuzzles my arm with her nose, i lift it up and she snuggles under it, she seems to understand when im sad, i am close to her, she hates the rest of my family, i don't know why, she just loves me

"i know you want to help, but they will take you away from me and i don't want that" i say scratching her behind the ear, her green eyes glowing with her black coat of fur, i finish my homework and pull out my sketchbook, i start to doodle, i daydream about how hot Daniel is, his big brown eyes, curly brown hair, fit body, strong arms from when we were still friends

lacey starts barking, i look up to see justin at the door, i didn't even hear the door open

"what" i say, leaning back against the head of my full size bed

"i wanted to check on you" he says, i stare at him blankly

"im fine" i finally say, he nods and walks out, closing the door behind him, i saw pain in his eyes, was it from earlier when i yelled at him, i had never yelled at him before

i look down at my paper to see Daniel, like he was today, with his flirtatious smile, cute dimples, he asked me out once, but i said no, i said it for no reason, i don't even know why, i liked him, i still do slightly, but he still looks at me with tears in his eyes the day after he beats me up, i drew him shirtless, his abs, his broad shoulders, he looked sixteen instead of fourteen, he is tall too, he plays on the school football team, for a freshman he is good, he is the quarterback, i went to one of his games, he missed a catch and lost the game looking at me

"i don't know what to think of him anymore" i look at lacey, she is looking at my paper, then she stares up at me

the look in her eyes tells me to ask him if he still likes me, but my heart says stay away from him, for many reasons

my phone vibrates, its a strange number, i click onto the message, its from Daniel

hey, im sorry about today, and all the times i hurt you, i was just mad about my friend, i believe you fought in self defense now, after realizing how weak you are, sorry, and i want to know if you would want to go out with me sometime, like to a movie

i don't know what to think

i can consider it, but no promises           i say

thanks, i love you allie

i don't respond, i look back at my drawing, i smeared Daniel's face, i close the book and lye back on my bed, thinking about the other guys at school, andrew is cute, he stares at me a lot, but he is a good friend, he also has curly brown hair, but his eyes are blue, like mine, but min change color, today they were black on the outside, kinda hazel in the middle, and blue closest to the pupil, i have so many people compliment on my eyes, boys and girls

"want a snack" i ask lacey, she darts for the door wagging her tail, i laugh and run down the stairs with her, i laugh when she almost slips at the bottom trying to turn to the kitchen, i get out dog treats for her and a tiny piece of carrot cake, i get some fruit and whipped cream and go back upstairs with a big spoon and my snack, i give lacey some of my fruit, and she sits on the floor next to my bed while i eat, she is always protective of me

"hey allie, can i talk to for a minute" justin comes in

"yeah" i get up and follow him to his room, lacey tries to follow me, but i make her say in my room, i sit on his bed and look at him, he is standing in front of me, hands over his face, thinking

"im not sure how to tell you this any other way, so her is goes" he pauses wiping away a tear and sniffles, "mom and dad are dead" he says, my heart hurts, im not very fond of my parents, i never have, but they are still my parents, i stand up and hug justin, he is crying really hard now

"its ok, im still here" i say to him, i don't cry over my parents, i wont, but i will cry for justin if he dies

"they were murdered by guys trying to get to one of us" he says, i freeze

"why us" i ask

"one of us, im not sure, the police didn't say when they called, they told us to be extra careful when we go out, so i will be driving you to school now, and home" he says, i sit on the bed, i don't even remember what they look like, its crazy

"but what if its you, your alone here all day" i say, he graduated from my school last year

"i will get a gun, and we have lacey, she wont let anyone in this house besides the family with out dying first, especially if youre here" he says, i get up and get dizzy, then i think of Daniel, it cant be him can it, no, he wouldn't do that, i go text hi

hey, um, do you know anything about my parents being killed and guys looking for me or my brother

no, i swear, but that's terrible, im so sorry

its ok, and thanks, can i talk to you first thing tomorrow morning

of course, see you then

i don't answer, i pull our my year book from last year to get my mind off of my parents, i flip to the eighth page, im in high school now, but its the middle of the year, we get our next year book in a few months, i see Andrews picture first, next to mine, our eyes are exactly the same

i look at daniels picture next, he looks like andrew, but with green eyes and a stronger jaw line, andrew has a skinny jaw, but its cute the way he smiles at me when im sad, he always finds a way to cheer me up, he asked me out today, i told him i would think about it, he is a lot like Daniel, strong built, handsome, he has few freckles, i have a lot of freckles, but im skinny, unpopular, like unhealthy skinny, and he has a flat stomach, and very popular, but he still talks to me a lot

hey. i say

hey al, whats up. he calls me al cause allie is "too long"

you know when you asked me out today. i say, putting a grape in my mouth


i will go out with you, im sorry it took so long, i just have a lot going on. i say, i wipe away a tear

awesome, and its ok, see you tomorrow, love you. i think of what to say back

love you too. he doesn't respond, its dinner time, i eat and go straight to bed

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