irish love

what happens when niall leaves his best friend jenna to go on the x factor and forgets her will he ever get forgiven by her or will she always hate him read to find out


2. !

i woke up and got ready to go to nandos since i work there i met kendra she knows about niall we walked in and did our usual routine at 8;40 pm i went to a table and i pulled out my note book and getting ready to wright when i glanced and saw niall and some other guy i think was harry i just stood there

um love can we order 

um yeah hang on and i ran off 

uh um kendra can you go take that table 

sorry i cant im not on that shift why

um well nialls there

im sorry just hide your face 

uh ill try 

and with that i left and went to the table


okay what can i get you today i said with my head facing the ground

peri peri chicken niall screamed

okay and the rest of you i said still looking down

uhh we will alll have the same a guy with brown hair and blue eyes said 

otay and anything to drink 

um did you say otay niall asked looking at me

uh well um no uh what do you want to drink

yes you did why niall asked

i looked up and said because it was a thing me and my friend would say instead of okay 

omg i uh so sorry i got to go and niall ran off

uh so what can i get you to drink 

are you jenna miane a guy wiht black hair and brown eyes asked

yes now what do you want to drink

nevermind the drinks you need to come to our place a dude with brown culy hair and bright green eyes said

i dont know why but i said i get of  work in 10 minutes

okay we will take our car said the buss cut haired dude

okay but what about your orders 

we will just get something later said the same guy 

okay and i left to see kendra 


kendra i think im gonna be at nialls house 

what why!!!

uhh i dont know it just happend and i agreed 

well okay... but text me if anything happends 

okay but i got to get ready to leave 




we walked outside and walked up to a blue van


ITS COOLDONT JUDGE US!!! screamed the kid with brown hair and blue eyes

okay okay ill make sure not to judge the uh um whats your name 

you dont know our names ask the brown curls with green eyes

no sorry i only payed attention to niall sorry

ohhhhh i see well im louis thats harry liam and zayn 

ohh okay ill try oremember

NO YOU WILL REMEMBER!!!!! yelled louis

fine gosh why do you scream so much

cause im super carrott said louis

okay then

we all wen the van and sat down we arrived about 10 minutes later and we talked the whole time it wasnt akward at all they were acturally pretty cool


when we got there it was huge 

do you like our house liam said

what do you mean house its a manhion!!!!!! 

haha ill take that as a yes liam said

we walked in and we heard soft cries i looked at them and said im gonna go talk to him i ignored him and ran to the room where i heard the cries

niall i asked while i opened the door 

please jenna dont come in he said

it ignored and came in to see his wrist bloody


im sorry he said so qiuet i could barley hear him

i hugged him and cried 

niall why why would you do this 

im sorry i i just 

niall dont ever do this agian 

otay he wispered

no promise me nialler

i promise jens

i hugged him for hours intell we fell asleep on the floor wrapped up in each others arms


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