irish love

what happens when niall leaves his best friend jenna to go on the x factor and forgets her will he ever get forgiven by her or will she always hate him read to find out


3. chapter three

jenna talkin 

i woke up and tried to get up when i was pulled back down i looked arond figured out what happend it all flooded back to me niall pulled me closer and snuggled his head in my nick awwww his so cute i dont know why but im not mad at him any more i mean i  be but i just cant i love him to much wait what i cant think that i wont ughh i keep having a fight in my head intell i got pulled even closer to him man hes so adorable by now his head was on top of mine resting with his arms around me while i was snuggled into his chest with my arms cupped up betwin us i snuggled some more in tell i was hungrey i tried to struggle but i couldnt get out of his grip i smacked  his face and screamed ALL THE FOOD IS GONE!!!!! he shot up and said nooooooooo!!! 

im just kidding but im hungreyyyyy

OTAY he grab me and caused me to trip

owww that hurt

ohh sorry here let my give you a piggy back ride

otay but im still hungry i climbed on his back and he started running down the stairs while i was screaming YOUR GONNA KILL ME!!!!!!

we finally made it to the kitchen and he went to the frige with me still on his back 

um are you forgetting something

no i dont think so 

uh me

what about you

im on your back still what do you want to eat

do you have sour patch kids 

your such a rebel you know

you say that like its a bad thing but do you have any

yeah but your not eating any for breakfast 

im not eating you trash you call food

hey im a go- your right lets wake up harry

ill grab the ice and water i jumped off his back and got the ice and water in a bucket i found 

me and niall went in his room but before i could dump it niall said

wait lets have some fun first he left and came back with a straitiner 

wait why do you have a stratiner 

hehe me and the boys got it to mess with harry when hes sleeping

haha sounds like something i would do so whos idea was it


let me guess hes a pranker


owwww i could have some fun moo-haha

i know your a good prainker but his pretty good to

we will see now lets make this boys hair smooth

we stratinged his hair and then poured the water on his tummy toke a picture and ran out we heard him scream and start running down the stairs we just sat their like nothing happened 

o hey can you make breakfast and why are you all wet

NO AND I KNOW YOU DID THIS!!!! yelled harry 

what you think i would do this i said in a sweet little girl voice

ug-hh whatever he said 

now make breakfast im hungreyyyyyy

fine he shot back

okay im gonna go mess with louis 

you really don't want to do that said liam as he walked in

oh-h but i do i said evily 

okay then he said walking back slowly jokingly 

i grabbed the honey a feature pillow string and a pan with egg youk and salt i tied the sting two inches above his door and placed the pan six in a half feet i went in his room and cut the end of the pillow i poured the honey on him and hit him with the pillow a couple times untill it was empty i toke a picture and ran out and hid by the door ready to take a picture he ran out and tripped on the string and fell with his face in the pan he got up and i took a picture of him and ran down stairs i sat on the stool with a smirk 


he came down and looked at me 


you think i would do this i said with a puppy face

ohh you don't know what you got yourself into 

really cause if you even try you will regret it and wish you never even met me bitch i said smirking in his face

bite me 

i jumped on him and held his hand in front of my mouth and said are you sure

holy crap looks like this will be fun 

i got of him and walked off to the kitchen to eat breakfast ohh he thinks hes a better prankster ha ha that's funny i said to niall

while he is acturally a really good prainker 

yeah yeah yeah whatever 

liam and harry were stearing at me as i was eating 


you eat like niall they both said at the same time

uh we grow up with each other duh

ughhhh we know we hear it all the time they said agian at the same time

wait what 

he talks about you all the time harry said

then why didnt he even text me i said getting angry

thats not are place to tell you said liam

uhh lets watch a movie nial spoke up

otay but wheres zayn 

he sleeps till three usally when we have free days said louis out of no where

WHAT!!! thats inzayn 

did you say inzayn said louis walking up to my side and putting a hand on my shoulder

yeah why not

he took a hand off my shoulder and i knew what he was gonna do i went down before he trow a bucket of water and ice at harry 

i toke a picture and started laughing did you really think that would wont carrot peasent 

carrot peasent ? im carrot king 

if your king how come your little plan didnt work i said with a evil smerk

ughhh niall how could you ever fall in love with that demon

hahaha wait what 

nothing harry said and left 

i looked at liam and he said i got to get changed

i then looked at louis and he said you heard me demon and walked off to

niall came down and said hey lets watch a couple movies and eat some sour patch kids like old times

otay but we have to watch 

nemo he said 

aww you know me so well

we walked into the theater room and there was a bed in there and couches i ran a jumped up on the bed and started jumping and screaming NEMO NEMO NEMO NEMO NEMO NEOM over and over 

 otay otay just cam down 

he put the movie in and said i think we should get changed i looked down and saw the blood stained on my shirt and his with water and dried up blood 


we walked up stairs he handed me a light blue shirt and some light grey sweats istarted getting dress when he turned around and said 

wow why are you getting dressed 

oh come on we used to take baths with each other

yeah like when we were five

so its not like im in a bra and underware i said sarcasticly 

true true we got dressed and he was wearing the same thing 

TWINES!!!!!!!!!!!!! i jumped on his back and we ran down stairs niall went in the kichen and grabbed a big bag

whats in there 

youll she

he ran off with me still on his back once we got to the theater room we pressed play on the movie we layed in the bed for awhile till i said otay wheres the sour patch kids

pointed to the big bag and when i looked in aide it i almosted pooped my pants the whole thing was filled up with sour patch kids

bloody hell mate!!!!

what i like sour patch kids tooooo

i love you i love you i love you i love you i screamed while hugging him to death i herd him say i love you to very queitly i berly heard it

we cuddle up with each other like the way we were this morning he looked at me and stared leaning in i leand in to and we were kissing wait no we were making out passinatly i could feel his heart beating faster while bombs were going off n my somach we finally tore our lips apart for air after about a couple minutes which felt like hours 

i know i just fianally got to see you agian after three years but i have always liked you ever sence i first met you when we were little and i was wondering if you would like to be my princess 

niall ive always loved you too of course i would!!!!

i love you he said ive always wanted him to say that to me and not mean it in a friend way 

i love you too


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