irish love

what happens when niall leaves his best friend jenna to go on the x factor and forgets her will he ever get forgiven by her or will she always hate him read to find out


1. chapter one

Hi my name is Jenna maine i have long black curly hair and dark blue eyes im five foot and five inches  i love to play sports especially football i live in mullingar ireland i used to have a best friend named niall horan you know the one in that band one direction Ever since he went to the x-factor he stopped talking to me at first i thought he was to busy and after awhile i realized he had forgotten me i still go help maura since nialls off living the dream. I still watch his interviews and stuff but i still get upset i mean i used to stand up for him and we used to hang out every second of the day we even got promise rings to always be friends i still keep mine on cause i dont have the guts to take it off. im usually really tough and fearless but when it comes to him im very sensitive. i used to have a crush on him well i still do since the 6th grade. well i think thats enough for now, now hears my story 

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