irish love

what happens when niall leaves his best friend jenna to go on the x factor and forgets her will he ever get forgiven by her or will she always hate him read to find out


4. chapter four

we snuggled and watched nemo over and over again and eat sour patch kids intell it was four pm and i dont think zayn was up yet 

niall im gonna wake up zayn ill be right back

okay but hurry

i ran up stairs to zayns room once i got in his room i got a tube of hair jell and went up to zayn i put it in his hair and rubbed his hair every where so it looked really bad i grabbed a second tube and put some more it in his hair i then grabbed a mirror and drop it on the ground i toke a picture and ran to liams room and shut the door i turned around to see liam sleeping this was my time to prank him i put yellow wash out die i got from zayns room i sprayed it in his hair criss cross i greabbed a sharpie that was on the dresser and wrote i got a tiny ass on his forhead then colored his ibrows i screamed hiiiii in his ear and took a picture of him i ran out of his room and in to the theatuer room where niall passed out hes my time too get him i melted some gummy bears i put dye in i found and then poured them on a baking sheet and broke them into spuares i then grabbed a bucket and put dye in it i poured it on niall and then toke a picturei ran into the kichen and updated the photos i toke today of the boys when i pranked them and typed wow i really am the prank queen i pranked one direction and the louis haha too easy i looked up at all the boy standing there looking at me 


why the hell did you do this yelled zayn 

i know im sorry i made some treatts for you guys im really sorry i said saddly 

well okay said harry i then gave them all one of the gummy treats they took a bite all at the same time they spit it out and said whats in it ohh nothing just gummy bears and bye 

WHAT!!! they all yelled exsept niall he just seemed like he didnt care 

hey dont worry your teeth still look a beatiful shade of green 

WHAT they yelled again

did i ever say how much i like you guy i mean man you guys lookin sexy i said trying my best not to laugh

louis spoke up and said hey why dont we go for a swim 

you dont want to do that niall about scream 

and whos going to stop me he said with sass

no one i guess but dont say i didnt warn you 

he picked me up lead me to the pool right when he was about at the edge i went down and flipped him over into the pool and took a picture and ran off to see niall i went and hugged him and started making out with him 

when i was done we i looked to my side to see harry almost in tears 

harry whats wrong niall said but he just ran off

im gonna go talk to him 


i walked up to his room and sat on the bed with him crying into his pillow he didnt notice me in till i layed down and wrapped my arms around him he stopped crying and wrapped his arms around me to with his head in my neck 

harry whats wrong 

i i i i 

harry its otay im here just let it out 

i i t think i i lo lo ve y y ou he stared in my eyes and lended in and kissed me hard and lovingly i pushed him back and said im sorry but theres nothing going on between us im sorry i turned around to see niall at the door stearing at me 

niall im sor-

i know you didnt kiss him back i understand now i need to talk to harry

otay but dont yell at him 

otay i lefted the room and wow harry likes me wait no loves me and kissed wow just wow


nialls pov

what in the bloody hell was that 

n nothing 

what do you mean nothing you dont just kiss the girl i love!!!!





i im sorry 

just dont kiss her and i left gosh what does he mean love her he cant i love her 


harry pov 

ughh why do i have to love her niall loves her and has loved her for a long time ughh im so stuipd i kissed her for crying out loud ughhh


jenna pov

niall walked tords me and wrapped his arms around me 

you know i love you he said

of course i do ad i love you too

we hugged for awhile till i let go 

niall i got to go home i got work tomorrow 

just call in sick he said wrapping me up in a hug again 

niall you know i cant do that

why not

niall i have to work to make money and pay for my apartment

you can just move in with me and i can pay for you

niall i cant

why not

cause i wouldnt allow it 

please for me




he thought some more till he said fine but your staying the night

but i have work

i bring you to your apartment early 

fine ... now lets watch nemo


yep now carry me there

he picked me up bridel style and carried me to his room and layed me down 

wait what about nemo 

i have there movie in my room to

otay he plopped the movie in and cuddle up with me and fell asleep still in each others arms 

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