In this story there is a 12 year girl called felix. Her parent gave her up for adoption at the early age of 1 and a half. When one direction adopt her will she able to live a normal life or will she turn into a superstar like her adoption parents with her amazing voice?


3. U want believe it!!!

"I'm ready" I yelled from the end of the hallway. Sharon popped her head out the door and said "well we're not so go and say goodbye to everyone." "Alright" I yelled and bounded back outside to go say goodbye to everyone. "Amy!" I could see her across the other side of the oval. "Oh here you are so why did she want you?" By that time I had a huge crowd around me. "I'm getting adopted!" I said really loud. "By who? Wait don't tell me it's..." I cut her off in her words. "Yes it's one direction!" She wrapped her arms around be in excitement! 

"Lexy time to go" Louis yelled front the top of the stairs. Haha, he already has a nickname for me! "Coming 'dad'" I yelled as I looked at Amy! She is so jealous! Haha! I sprinted and grabbed Louis hand and pulled him down the stairs! "Wow! Easy there!" He said to me. "Sorry I'm just SO excited!" I mumbled! As we got into our 'private' car I waved goodbye for the last time and then closes the door and off we went.


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