In this story there is a 12 year girl called felix. Her parent gave her up for adoption at the early age of 1 and a half. When one direction adopt her will she able to live a normal life or will she turn into a superstar like her adoption parents with her amazing voice?


10. the visit

I heard a knock at the door and as usual I thought it was just the paps. I didn't answer it I just left them at the door... One hour later, I heard another knock at the door. "COMING!!" I yelled. I looked through the glass in the door and saw 3 familiar faces so I answered it. "OH MY GOD!" I yelled! Sure enough standing at the door was Skylar, Evie, Indie and Boston!! They're my friends that I met at school when I was still in the orphanage. They were my best friends and then we lost contact.

"What are you'se doing here?" I asked. "Well we went to the orphanage to see u but they said that u got adopted so they told us the address and yeah here we r!" Boston said excitedly.

I was so surprised to my girls again after so long without them. I felt so rude not having them stay with us as they were in town. "So Bo how r u and Tyson going?" I asked raising one eyebrow. They all started grunting and a tear dribbled down Bo's face. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset u" I said staring at the ground. "Oh lex it's alright u didn't know" "and I presume I don't won't to ?" They all nodded "mmhm dats right sista" sky said. We all had a giggle about that and we went inside.

Indie and I went into the kitchen to get some snacks and I asked what happened between Boston and Tyson? "They were at his house at what was meant to be just a visit for Boston but the n suddenly he pulls out a knife and boston tried to run but it was too late... For the next week after that Boston was in a koma with some wounds in her back and yeah Tyson is now in jail for what he did to her so Boston has chilled out a bit?" Indie replied "holy shit! Wow that us very full on for a year 8 break up!" I replied feeling bad for not been there for her.

Next thing we knew we heard a ear piercing scream coming from the lounge room. We came running into the lounge room to find...

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