In this story there is a 12 year girl called felix. Her parent gave her up for adoption at the early age of 1 and a half. When one direction adopt her will she able to live a normal life or will she turn into a superstar like her adoption parents with her amazing voice?


2. One direction?!?!

"Lexy" I heard Sharon call. I walked up into her office and took a seat in a large pink chair. "You called me?" I asked. "Yes. Do you remember your promise from this morning?" She asked. "Umm i think so wait do u mean the one about me getting adopted?" "Yes I mean that one!" She answered a bit sarcastically. "Mmm what's your point?" I asked. "Well that's is exactly why your here. Your getting adopted!" I was speechless for about 2 minutes then I just let out a little squeal. "Wait your joking its not good to joke about stuff like that" I said more serious. "Umm no I'm not joking" she answered a bit frustrated. "Oh my god" I said it really loud (accidentally). "So when can I get to meet them?" I asked eagerly. "Right now" she said calling them in.

 The door slowly crept open and in came... One direction!? "Hi I guess your lexy?" Louis said with a smile. "Yep that's me the one and only!" I answered excitedly! "I'm going to be your father and these guys r going to be your mothers!" He said giggling. "Hey!" Niall said childishly. "I was just joking don't worry" Louis said. "Well lexy why don't you go upstairs and pack we have some business we have to sort out" she said shooing me out the door. 

I raced up stairs and into my room. I put on my denim hight shorts and a floral crop top. Then I slipped on my pair of black high tops and packed my suitcase. I will need everything I thought as I raced around the room looking for all my stuff. I shoved everything into my suitcase even though it wouldn't all fit I shoved it in anyway! Right! That's everything, or at least I think! I picked up my suitcase and carried it down the stairs. It was really heavy but I was so excited that I sucked it up and did it anyway.

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