In this story there is a 12 year girl called felix. Her parent gave her up for adoption at the early age of 1 and a half. When one direction adopt her will she able to live a normal life or will she turn into a superstar like her adoption parents with her amazing voice?


1. Adoption time!

Hi I'm Felix and I'm 12 years old and i live in London. Now I know what your thinking is that a boy well I can put your thoughts to rest I'm actually a girl. I'm no ordinary girl I have the voice of an angel (or so people say). I live here in the adoption centre. I have lived here since my parents gave me up when I was 1 and a half. I have been one of the unlucky ones here to not get adopted. I swear it was the name that put them off but people say it's just my luck! 

"Lixy" I heard Sharon call from down the hall. "I'm in here" I replied in a soft tone. I heard the padder of her feet coming down the hallway and then she slowly entered the room. "What's wrong?" Sharon asked politely. I was sitting on my bed and staring into the city (from my room I get a great view) wondering if anyone will ever adopt me and where will I live? "It's just I've been here so long and I'm missing Annabelle" I answered sobbing slightly. "Oh it's ok sweetheart there's plenty more girls just like her here!" She said apologetically. "Mmmm I guess but just not here." "Oh well you'll find your new best friend soon enough." Sharon said. "And I promise you'll get adopted before to long" I looked at her and grew a slight grin on my face but still with tears dribbling down my cheeks. "Promise" "yes I promise!"she answered me energetically. Now can you please go down stairs everyone is worried about you! "If I must!" I slowly got up and shuffled down the stairs. 

"Here you are!" Amy said as she wandered towards me. "Yep here I am" I said as I walked sat down at the table. I just sat there for a while I was thinking what Annabelle was doing and if her family was nice. I'm sure they are! Wait... Is, is that one direction? Yes it is! What r they doing here? Maybe they're adopting someone ... Or maybe they're doing a concert for us? Whatever they're doing here I just hope I get to meet them! 


"Helloooo" Amy said as she waved her arm in front of my face to try to wake me up from my daze. "Yes... Sorry." I answered in shock. "Did you just see that?" "Yes!! Wait your talking about one direction right?" I asked a bit confused. "AHHHHHHH!" Amy screamed. "Okay ... I take that as a yes" I said giggling. She nodded! 

So let me know what u think don't be harsh this is my firs movella let me know if I should more! :-)

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