Who Would've Thought?

Who would've thought that 4 girls can get bullied in their past years before getting signed to one of the biggest record deals?
Who would've thought that those girls would later on meet their bullies?
Will they forgive and forget?
Or will they keep the hatred towards them?


1. Chapter Uno

  Rose P.O.V  

I swear that one day I will get those boys and mike them pay for what they did to me and my girls.   

Jessica: Girls come on! We have to get ready. And that's really weird for Rose since shes always funny.   

Rose-Sorry Jess it's just that I keep having flash backs about how our lives used to be. I have this feeling like if we're gonna see those boys again in our lives, you know?  

Jessica- you need to stop worrying. What you need is a vacation.   

Nat- REALLY?!?!  

Jessica- just kidding no. You guys have tour coming up I can't let you guys have a break, we need to get everything ready.  

Jade- :'(   

Jess- so where do you guys want to go first?  

Nat- PARIS!!!!!!  

Rose- NARNIA!!!  

Jess- -.- any more requests?  

Gina- OHHH England!!  

Jade- let me be the wise one, California.  

Jess- okay so our first stop is California, then we'll spend. At least 40-45 days in the U.S.A. Then we'll go to England, then to Paris  and so on and so forth.  


*Jess' phone rings*  


Jess- excuse me girls i have to take this.  


Me- *starts fake crying*  


Gina- whats wrong Rose?  


Me- we're not going to Narnia!! :'(  


Jade- aww it's okay, we'll go some da--  


Jess- girls there's someone on the phone that wants to talk to you.  


?????: hello girls! I'm Simon Cowell. I'm One Direction's Manager.  


Us- Hi!  


Simon Cowell- I have a question. Do you girls want to come on tour with 1D?  



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