Magic and mysterys

Helena Potter was kidnapped as a baby and left at an orphanage one day she gets a letter from hogwarts where she finds out about her past and meets 5 guys Harry styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik they must prepare for an attack from an old family enemy and their army....


3. hello?

Cassidy took me to a little room inside the orphanage (yes I am still in my pajamas) and made my sit on a rather uncomfortable chair which seemed to almost transport me onto a train where I was sat next to Cassidy and a boy 

"Helena this is Roman Granger" I looked over at him and and said

"hey" we talked for a while when a man came over with tonnes of sweets I didn't take any neither did Roman but Cassidy took at least 7 of everything soon we reached like a town center we all got off and started walking Cassidy looked at me 

"you ready to by school stuff" she laughed 

"wait I have no money" she gave me a key and told me to go to the bank so I could get the money my dad left me before he left me 

I made my way to the bank when I bumped into someone 

"sorry..."I looked up it was Niall Horan? What is he a wizard 

"Are you Niall Horan?" I asked by accident 

"yeah and you are..." 

"Helena Potter" he looked at me astonished

"Are you related to Harry Potter! You must be! Is he your farther" Harry Potter I thought to myself he seemed familiar apart from the book maybe he is my farther

"I don't know any of my family I didn't know I was a wizard until 45 minutes ago" he bit his lip obviously feeling sorry he said it but then I remembered what I was doing 

"where is the bank?" I asked 

"I can show you I can help you if you want" I smiled and nodded we started walking over to a large building I walked up the marble steps and through the grand doors, Niall took me over to a desk run by dwarf type people 

"what can I do for you today" the creature said with a bored tone 

"I would like to get some money out" I mumbled slightly creeped out by him

"key" he put his hand out and I gave him the key that I kept in my pocket of my duck pajamas this was embarrassing,  you meet a cute guy who you dreamed of almost every night , you are in a crowded town of creatures and wizards , you want to get money out of a bank not knowing weather its next to nothing or the most I've ever seen.... All of this done in my pajamas

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