Not What I Thought

Jackie bumps into a guy... Nick. Or is that his real name?! Anyways they become good friends. What happens when "Nick" has some news. Is it good?! Maybe bad?! Read to find out!!


6. Chapter 6

I feel someone shake me. "Jackie! Jackie! Jackie! We need to go get food! I'm hungry! Bob just got here!" Niall said. Gosh he sounded like a hungry little boy...wait he is one! "OK! Gosh I'm hungry too! Is Sophie and Matt awake?" I asked rubbing my eyes. "Yeah i told them to go get ready!" He said proud of himself. ...."Oh no..." I say looking at him. "What?!" He asked worried. "Sophie kinda has a style no one ever thinks of.. i mean.." As if on Que Sophie comes out of the bathroom wearing zebra leggings with a brown polka dot shirt.... a black tutu with red in it.....her sparkly purple high top converse..... a necklace that was taller/longer than her..and of course her signature princess crown and hello kitty purse. I do have to admit.. she can rock anything! Plus shes like 4 so yeah! "Well arnt you the cutest little princess ever!" Niall said going over to her. "Lets take a picture yeah?" He asked taking his phone out. She LOVES taking pictures and for some reason her most favorite pose is a peace sign with her duck face.... what has our generation done?! He asked to me to take the pic because he also poses like her.. oh lord. them two are going to be unseperable! I quickly snap the pic and right after i snap a few of myself and plug my number in tooo! "You two are so cute! I ship you two!" I say with a realloy annoying voice. "Are you all ready?!?!" Bob yelled as he takes his seat belt off. "REady!!!" Sophie and Matt yell. Matt actually dresses pretty nice for his age. He likes to be presentable for his 'lady friends'...haha. I however look like a mess.. i have shorts on with a crop top that says 'Im a W3!RD0!!' I love this shurt but use it for pjs! SO i grab sophies hand and walk out of the RV. "Ok kids now ill go with you but ill be grabbing my own things. Meet me at the starbucks inside and then we can head out together." Bob ordered. Bob is like an uncle to use... Good ole' Bob.. haha. "OK so we need.. ALOT of food!" NIall said running and putting Sophie in the front of the cart and just putting food in the basket.. he did say he was paying!




After finally loading all the food into the fridge and pantry we can finally settle down. "JAckie?> Can i go watch Tv in the smalll room?" Sophie asked. "Yeah go ahead baby! JUst leave the door open so you can hear me" I say smiling at her. She skips to the other room. Matt is sitting there looking all bored.. "Hey little man! What instrument would you enjoy to ply?" NIall asked trying to make small talk. "Um...Guitar.. Ive always liked it but i dont have talent like my sister does.. i mean she learned on her own! i can never do that!" He said a little annoyed. "Wait.. you learned on your own?" NIall asked me looking surprised. "Yep;! All the instruments ive played i have learned on my own... " I say kinda blushing. He mouthed the word wow but continues to talkj to Matt. "How about i teach you yeah? You guys have like 5 guitars here and i know how to play and yeah! WHat do you say buddy?!" NIall asked. I swear Matts eyes just grew wide! Ive always tried to teach him but he gets annoyed because im trying to tell him what to do but since im his sister he doesnt want to listen! "NO way?! Can you?!?" He asked.. wel more like shoutd. "Yeah ofcourse!" Matt runs to the music room.  "Niall?" I said getting up and walking over to him. "Yes, love?" "Thanks for everything... The food.. comming with us.. and mostly that you bond with the kids.. they really like you. And thats amazing to me. Most guys would hate to be on a 2 week road trip with my little bro and sis.." I said trailing off. I mean this meant a lot to me! "Welll Jacke.. I think we can all agree im not like most guys." He said cockily. "You know im not kidding right.. It means a lot." I say with a tear staining my cheek. "IM glad i can make you guys happy. BUt i should be the one thanking you for letting be spend time with the most amazing people in the world!" He said making me laugh. I look up and his lips are not even centimeters away. I look into his eyes as he looks into me. I start to close my eyes as so did he..."NIALL!!!" Matt called. It startedled me and him. REALLY?! ONe of the few moment i hate my brother. He blushed and looked at me. And with that he left. I sat down and thought for a moment. was i really about to kiss him? Did he like me like i like him? Nah.. he probably felt sorry for me....



Nialls POV


Was i really about to kiss her?! Does she like me like i like her?!... Nah.. impossible...

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