Not What I Thought

Jackie bumps into a guy... Nick. Or is that his real name?! Anyways they become good friends. What happens when "Nick" has some news. Is it good?! Maybe bad?! Read to find out!!


5. Chapter 5

"Honey. Wake up! I think you guys should start heading out now." I hear my mom say. Its pretty early since its dark out. Soon Niall wakes up and sees my mom. Hes surprised and quickly unwraps his arm from my waist. "I--I-- Im sorry." He said looking down. 'what for honey? Sleeping next to Jackie? I completely trust her and she has never made me feel not to. Its completely fine with me and her father as long as she tells the truth." My mom says. I just dont see a reason to lie. I mean the truth comes out eventually! "Ok mommy! Can you just please carry Sophie down cause i got Matt." I say yawning. 'No its fine i got her." Niall said smiling. "Alright im pretty tired and im going back to sleep. You guys have fun and be careful. Ill skype you guys later alright?" My momma said. I nodded and gave her a hug. "Thanks for this!" I say leaving. I quickly pick up Matt and i see Niall has Sophie already. We hop onto the RV and i see Bob already sitting in the drivers seat. "Morning Bob! This is Niall. Hes coming with us k?" I told him. The guys introduced themselves and we set the kids in their bunks. "These are so cool!" Niall says looking at them. "well we decided that were only kids once and decorated our own bunks. This is mine!" I say opening the curtain to reveal glow in the dark stars..hello kitty stickers...and omg...Some One direction ones too. I mentally face-palm as i hear him chuckle.'This is so cute! Its just missing one thing..." He says taking out a sharpie from the cup holder. He signs the wall next to a sticker of him. "You know you made this RV worth a ton more?" I say admiring the signature. He laughed and gave me a hug. They felt like nothing in the world. "alrighty love birds. Were going to start heading out. Do you guys need to go anywhere?" Bob asked. I blushed at the word love. "Um yeah the super market please. we need to stalk up in food." Niall says. Bob nods and pulls out of the drive way. Road trip here we come. I stayed awake in the back of the RV while Niall went to rest a bit. In the back we have a few guitars and a keyboard along with other instruments. " I pull out the keyboard and begin to play Little things. I just love that song on the piano. Soon i started singing the first bit. Then i hear Niall play the guitar and join in. We sang together while playing the instruments and to tell you the truth it sounded amazing! "WoW! Your absolutely brilliant!" Niall said putting the guitar down and walking over to me. 'Thanks! You werent half bad yourself!" I say jokingly. 'Jack im serious. You can be the next thing! You have natural talent! Any other instruments you can play?" He asked excitedly. Hes so cute when hes like this. "Yeah i play guitar too. And the flute and a bit of drums." I say honestly. His moth dropped. "Thats incredible! Show me a song on the guitar." He said handing me the one he had. "I need my guitar." I say rejecting the one he gave me. I got up and got the black one. I Started playing one of my original songs. "Did you write this?" He asked after i had finished. 'Yeah i wrote it while we were camping one summer. I like to write them in the fresh air." I say looking into his deep blue eyes. "Thats amazing! We should write one together and it can be about this roadtrip and everything!" He said excitedly. 'Alright but i cant promise you its going to be good." I say walking over to my bunk. The kids should still be asleep for another few hours. I close my eyes and right before i fell asleep i felt a pair of lips on my cheek. 'Goodnight Jackie. Sweet dreams." Was the last i heard before slipping away into the darkness.

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