Not What I Thought

Jackie bumps into a guy... Nick. Or is that his real name?! Anyways they become good friends. What happens when "Nick" has some news. Is it good?! Maybe bad?! Read to find out!!


4. Chapter 4

Nialls Point Of View

Jackie forgave me! I am super happy! And thery whole road trip thing is perfect for me to kepp to know her and her family alot better! I just cant wait! I ranto her parents with a huge grin on my face. "Im thinking she forgave you?" Her mom said. I nodded really fast andthey started laughing. Soon she also came out of the house. "Mommy? Daddy?" She said looking at them. "Yes dear?" Her mom replied. "We were thinking of taking a roadtrip..Just Sophie Matthew Niall and me? " She asked looking at the kids. They smiled and jumped up and daown singing.."Were going on a radtrip" Over and over gain. Her parents just looked at each other. 'Looks lke you guys are going on a roadtrip!" Her dad said rtaising his hands in the air. We all cheered! "Thank you so much sir! I promise to take care of your kids with my life!" I say shaking his hand. "Please! Call me Luke. And i believe you . just amke sure you guys have fun!" He said declining my hand and giving me a hug. "Now you alll need to be carefull now ok? And when do you plan on leaving?" Her mom asked. "Well we were thinking of taking the little RV and maybe tomorrow early morning! Can we get Bob to drive for us?" Jackie asked. "Oh most defiantly ill go call him up now! Kids go pack your bags!:" She ordered and they both ran up to their rooms to pack. This is going to be great!


Jackies Point Of View

I cant believe im doing this! Im like totally trying not to fangirl infront of him! But its ok. i can control myself! "Um do you wanna help me pack?" I asked looking at Niall. Hes eyes are "Yeah. Sure!" We both run upstairs to my room. "So how long are we going to be on the road?" I asked him. He shrugged. "Depends. I mean not for ling cause i know i get frustrated so i can just imagine the kids. Just long enought to get what i have planned for all of you..max is 2 weeks." He said grabbing my luggage. "Oh we dont need that! silly!!" I say pushing the bag down. "What?" He asked confused. "we have closets in the RV! Theyre little but its enough to put my clothes in! Just help me bring it to the RV please!" I say grabbing the clothes from hangers and walking out. "This is what you call a small RV?" He asked surprised. "well its medium sized i guess its our little one cause we have a huge one too!" I say leading him to the little closet. alright i should be good with this! Looks like the kids are already packed up!" I say looking at the other closets full of their clothes. "This is going to be fun! I cant wait for you to see your surprise!" Niall said smilling down at me. OK ill admit.. i am pretty short but its ok! Im FUN SIZED!! "Wait.. we agreed to surprise the kids.. you never said anything about me!" I say trying to lool mad but failing horribly. "well i do have a surprise so deal with it!' He said laughing and sticking out his toungue. 'Ew put your toungue back inside your mouth!" I yell poking it. 'But i like my toungue needs fresh air!" He said with his toungue still out. "I smacked his arm playfully and as we walked out of the RV he interwined my fingers with his.....what? It felt weird. i had only held hands with a few guys but this was different. Way diffrent. I didnt even bother looking at him. I was scared that i would flush up like a tomato! HE walked me to my room. "well goodnight Jack. Um Ill get a cab here to see you at 10 tomorrow morning!" He said. " silly! Your spending the night here! I sent a guy to go pick up your stuff from your hotel and your things should be here tomorrow morning! Just stay here in my room! The other rooms are prety lonely." I say hopefully not pushing him too much. He smirked. "Alright but only because you insisted." He said slowly wrapping his arms around me. That was the last thing i remembered as i drifted into darkness.






Hi!!!! How are my lovely readers?! Um i drempt this story and ofcourse i need to add in special details and stuff like that to make it longer and interesting! Hope you guys are enjoying it! I just got a new laptop so its waaaaay faster and easier to use! ITS ALSO PINK!!! Its so cute!! Anyways ill be updating my stories more often! Well like and comment what you think! Love you guys!! Muah!

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