Not What I Thought

Jackie bumps into a guy... Nick. Or is that his real name?! Anyways they become good friends. What happens when "Nick" has some news. Is it good?! Maybe bad?! Read to find out!!


2. Chapter 2

"Nicks" point of view. 
I think I should tell her! Ugh why is my life so complicated?!  I mean shes seems pretty cool and were already good friends! It just took spilling coffee on her. Anyways. I need to tell her sooner or later. Maybe tonight?! Maybe in front of her family. Ill make an announcement.. Maybe most likely I will.. Gosh this is gonna be awkward! 

Jackie's point of view
"Dinners Ready!!" My momma yelled. I quickly got out of the pool and ran to get my towel. But before I could I saw someone grab it. "Hey!" I say an look to see who it was. Nick. "Nick! That was my towel!!" I tell trying to grab it from him. "Oh. This was yours?! Oh I am terribly sorry..NOT!" He joked. I glared at him as I took another towel. "I do have to say.. You look really good in a hello kitty towel!" I say winking. He blushed. How cute! "Ok guys come on over to the table!!" My mom yelled. "Okie dokie!" I say running to the table. I have a special seat at the edge. It's always been my seat! Matthew decided to sit there. I just glared at him. "Quoi?!?" He asked smiling. "You know what I'm talking about!" I say. He smirked but say there. "Daddy!!" I say pointing at Matthew. "Did you get a haircut son?! It looks very good on you!" He said. Really daddy... Really? I could hear nick laugh. "Alright I guess I'll just have to stand and eat." I said rolling my eyes. My family is weird. "No come sit with me!" Nick said patting next to him. Without even thinking I did. Then I realized. Whoops! Oh well. "So your gonna have to try  daddy's famous Ribs!" I say excitedly. "Daddy's. huh?" He said making fun of me. I slapped his arm. "No hitting!" Sophie said pointing a finger at me. "Yeah no hitting!" Nick said rubbing his arm as if it hurt. "Ok here you go!!" My mom said handing us a plate. We soon a are and we were all just talking. I felt like I knew this guy for a long time! I've had a connection to him since the beginning. "So tell us about yourself Nick!!" My dad said looking at him. "Well......" 

"Nicks" point if view

"We'll..." I say. I should just come out and say it. Just to clear everything up. "Um. I actually have to tell you guys something. I haven't been completely honest with you Jackie." I say looking into here beautiful hazel eyes. Her dark wavy hair flowing with the wind perfectly. "I um.. Well maybe it's easier if I show you guys." I soon started to peel my "skin" (you know like the fake skin that looks real to disguise people... Like in BSE..) I could see Jackie cupping her mouth in shock. "My names not really nick... It's Niall. Niall Horan." I say looking at Jackie. He just looked at me and teared up. Next thing I know she just ran. Ran inside the house and I was left there. I should have been honest from the start. I looked over at her parents. "Im sorry..." i say. "It's ok. At least you were honest with us.. But I think Jackie is the one that needs an apology.. We really like you and I think she does too. Just go and try to fix it with her.. Go on!" Her mom said. I looked over at her dad. "Go.." He said smiling. I look at them smiling. "Thanks.." I say. I quickly run up the stairs to start my search. This is gonna be hard...

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