Not What I Thought

Jackie bumps into a guy... Nick. Or is that his real name?! Anyways they become good friends. What happens when "Nick" has some news. Is it good?! Maybe bad?! Read to find out!!


1. Chapter 1

"Jackie!" The Starbucks employee yelled as he put my drink in the counter. I quickly made my way up there. "Thanks!!" I said cheerfully. He nodded. I turned around as someone bumped into me. I shriek as the hot coffee spread through my teal dress. "Oh I am so sorry!! Gosh I'm so clumsy!" He said  in a deep Irish accent. "No it's fine really! Um did I get any coffee on you?!" I ask checking his hoodie. "No but I think I got just a bit on you.." He said looking at my dress. We both started laughing. He handed me some napkins. "No really it's fine. Ill just have to wash this a couple hundred time.. No biggie!" I say smiling hopefully to lighten the mood. He laughs. He has an adorable laugh. I don't get him. He sounds around my age. He dresses like a guy around my age.. But doesn't look like it. Well he does but not fully. I mean he has little mustache and beard stubble going on but it doesn't fit him. He seems interesting. "How about I buy you another one?" He asked seriously. "Um no it's fine. I was just joking!" I giggle looking down at my dress. "No really I'm going to buy you another one right after we have some coffee together." He said walking off to the counter and ordering before I could stop him. I looked around and found a spot by a window. Perfect! Is it weird that I'm hanging out with someone I just met? I mean that's how people make friends right?! Right. "There you go!" He said handing me a coffee cup. I smiled in response. "Thanks" I said while taking a sip. Ahhh hazelnut macchiato. "So what's your name love?" He asked taking a sip from his coffee. "Jacqueline. But everyone calls me either Jack or Jackie! So whatever you want." I say smiling. He has the bluest eyes ever! "Jackie.. Well I'm...oh um... I'm Nick. Yeah my name is Nick." He said not too surly. I giggled. "Are you sure? You sounded a bit confused." I said sticking my tongue out.  We both laughed. We got to know each other a bit! It was quite fun! "So who's car shall it be?!" He asked. "We'll if you keep insisting them at least let me drive!" I say pulling out my keys. "Alright." "Oh wait! Let me call my madre just to let her know ill be out for a bit!" I say taking out my phone. I'm a Mommys girl ok?! Shes like me BFF!! Haha "hey momma!! Um I'm going to be out with a friend ok? Si. Ya se mama! No apenas lo conocí. D'accord maman! Quoi?! Invitez-le à dîner?! Mais...d'accord. Oui.. Oui. Oui!!! Ok ill see you later. Au revoir!!"  I say. Yes I know. Spanish and French. What can I say.. My moms from Venezuela and my dads from France. "Wow. Um did I hear 3 languages perfectly spoken?" He asked impressed. "Oh that? Oh um yeah.. Anyways my mom wants me to invite you to dinner. But you do t have too!" I say trying to change to subject. "Me encantaría!!" He said. "No way! You speak Spanish?! My moms gonna love you!" I say pretty impressed myself. "I just know a little. But anyways lead the way to your car!!" He said bowing to me. I courtesy and walked and found an old rusty car that could barley pass as a car. "Here's Lola!!" I say. His mouth dropped to the floor. I just laughed. "You know I'm kidding right?! Here's the real Lola!!" I say motioning to my 2014 Mustang.. It's black with a pink stripe down the middle. "Ok now this is a lot better!" He said checking it out. "Nice ride! Now let's go!" He said. I unlocked the doors and hoped in. It was a nice day to roll down the roof. Yes it was convertible!! "Now that's what I'm talking about!" He said putting his arms up as I drove through the town. "Ok here we are!" I say parking at the mall. "We'll I love your car! Anyways. Lets go get your dress!! And maybe some food. Yes a lot of food sounds good right now!! " he said. "Aye don't eat yet! My moms making food for us!" I say laughing. He frowns. How cute!! "Ok. Only because you said it nicely." We soon got a dress that he picked out for me and drove to my house. "Here we are!" Dang.. Your house is nice.. And quite big." He says looking up. "Yeah my dads a CEO for a turbine company. So he has a few extra bucks."I say looking up as well. I grab our bags and quickly unlock the door. "I'm home!!!!!!" I yell. Soon I hear running from upstairs. "Jack!!! Your home!!" Sophie yelled. She jumped into my arms. "Hey there little girl! I missed you too!" I say hugging her. "Sophie this is my good friend Nick. Nick. This is my little sister Sophie!" I introduce them. "Hey Sophie! How old are you?!" He said getting down to her level. "Four!" She says holding up four fingers. He chuckled. "We'll Sophie it was very nice to meet you!" She shyly nodded and went to my mom. "Hey mommy!!" I say giving her a big hug! "Hey honey! Oh is this him?" She asked looking at Nick. "Yup! Nick my mom. Mom. Nick!" I say. They introduced themselves and so on. "Mama where Daddy and Mathew?!" I ask looking around. "Oh they should be outside grilling some ribs. Go in and check on them!" She said walking back to the kitchen.  "C'mon!" I say tugging on Nicks arm. I lead him to the back French doors that let to out patio. "Hey! You guys aren't grilling! Your lazy buts are swimming!!" I say putting my hands in my hips. "Baby cakes were grilling and swimming! Just don't tell your mother!!"he said joking around. Nick was laughing at my dad response. "We'll Daddy this is Nick! He's a good friend. And that's my little brother Matthew!" They got along just fine. "Ok um so I guess we'll have a swimming diner!" I say. I run to my mom with Nick right behind me. "Momma! Daddy and Matthew are swimming so were gonna swim and eat in the patio alright?! Go put your bathing suit on!" I say. She laughs but runs to her room to change. "Oh um. So you don't have swim shorts.. Oh! Follow me!!" I say running up the spiral stairs.  I go into one of. The guest rooms. "Um one of my cousins left his trunks here and he's around your size.. Here!" I say throwing it at his face. He laughs. "Ok where's the bathroom?" He asked looking around. Here it's right over there!" I said pointing at the door." Meet me in the kitchen when your done!!" I say running to my room. He seems pretty cool!! I quickly put in my bikini.. (Black with white polka dots! I know cute!! Haha) and run to the kitchen. I was just waiting and waiting and finally I say Nick around the corner. "Finally!!!" I say as he comes closer. "I'm sorry I kinda got lost a few times!" He say looking all around. I laughed at how cute he looked. He had a nice body let me tell you that! "Lets go!! " I say pulling him to the pool. "Cannon ball!!!" I say jumping into the deep end. Refreshing! "C'mon Nick! Don't be a baby!!" I say. Soon I see Sophie behind him. I nod at her and she smiles. He was right in the edge. Right where we want him.. "Go!" I yell and Sophie pushed him just a little to make him fall. He looked surprised but it also looked like he was having fun. "I'm gonna get you Sophie!!!" He said chasing her and finally catching her.  "Do you like the tickle monster?! Do ya?! You don't?! That's it!  Tickle monster loves you!" He said tickling her. He's the only guy who actually pays attention to Sophie. All the other guys treat her like shes a bug. It's kinda cute! "Guys dinner is ready!!!" 

So.. Yeah here's the beginning of a new story. This was one of my dreams and so I thought it was cute! Anyway tell me what you think! Oh and... Who do you think Nick really is?!?! Hmmm... I think it has do to with a boy band... Nah. Maybe not;) love you! Stay beautiful!! Follow my instagram!! 

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