Another World

"There's only one reason I'm here, Eve" Harry answered, just a few inches away from my lips. I could see darkness but at the same time lust in his eyes as he spoke those words. "A-an-nd w-what i-is th-that" I answered nervously, afraid of his upcoming answer. He chuckled, please at my reaction towards him. I was under his spell. I was weak, blinded. I never thought someone could do this to me, make me feel this way. He came like a thief in the night and took control me...

"I'm here to take little miss goody to another world."


1. Chapter 1 ~ Mick Jagger Wannabe

Evelynn's P.O.V.

I woke up feeling the need to throw my alarm clock through the window. Today was the day, the day everything was supposed to change. I'm starting senior year today and I'm already anxious for it to end. I just want to get out of cold, dull Cheshire and go live in California. There I can study at Stanford University and just live my life like any California girl does. I'm tired of seeing the same boring faces everyday, I want to go out and explore the world. I've never been out of England and to be honest I hate it here, it is always cold, dull, colorless, everything looks the same and I'm tired of the same, I want a change. I want to see something beautiful, something that'll take my breath away and I wont find that type of thing in Cheshire. 

I lazily got out of bed and went in the bathroom to shower. I let the warm water cover every inch of body, I felt same like nothing else could hurt me. I love showering, it is the only place I feel same and warm, besides it is a really good place to think. I finished showering and wrapped myself in my towel and went to my room. I peeked through and saw it was raining. I sighed and changed into some black leggings with sky blue knee high socks, light pink short coat and some pine green rain boots. I braided my dirty blonde hair and grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs to have breakfast.

I walked to the kitchen to have a glass of orange juice and a muffin. As always I ate alone, my mom is a famous interior designer so she travels the world constantly, and I don't really know anything about my dad. My guess is that either he's dead, left my mother, divorced or moved to the Mars. Mom doesn't like to talk about him so the few days that she is here, I avoid that subject.

I finished my food and looked at the clock. 7:55. I was going to be late in my first day of senior year. I grabbed my car keys, went outside and started the car. I drove as quickly as possible. I'm not one of those girls who like to be late, dumb herself down for guys, dress provocative, etc. I'm a goody two shoes. I study a lot because it is the only thing that will make me get out of here, parties and boys will not get me to California. 

I parked my car and noticed that no one was in the patio which meant class had already started. I quickly glanced at the clock. 8:05. I grabbed my things quickly and headed to my first class. Geography. Thank god it was with Mrs. Turner who already knew me form last year and liked me.

I arrived to the class and lightly knocked on the door. 

"Come in!" Mrs. Turner said.

I entered the classroom and 20 pair eyes were staring at me.

"I'm sorry for my delay Mrs. Turner, can I come in please?" I asked.

"Oh sure Mrs. Hurd, come on in quickly please" She said smiling and nodding her head towards me. The benefits of being the teacher's favorite.

I noticed there two empty seats left which means that another student was missing as well. One of the empty seats was next to my best friend Amy so I guess she saved the seat for me. I quickly went and sat down next to her.

"Woah it is a miracle to see Evelynn Hurd arrive late to a class" Amy wispered.

"Sorry I spent to much time in the shower and lost track of time" I whispered. I started taking me binder out when a tall figure walked into the classroom. He was wearing dark skinny jeans, a white V neck tee and some brown boots. His chocolate curls were gently styled up in a quiff and he has some black Raybans covering his eyes. He wasn't carrying any backpack or notebooks. 

He started walking towards the last empty seat in the classroom which was right in front of me but Mrs. Turner stopped him.

"Excuse me but did you notice you are 20 minutes late to class" Mrs. Turner said obviously annoyed that the guy didn't ask permission to come here.

"Yeah so?" The guy replied.

"Well I'm afraid you're going to have detention today" Mrs. Turner said angrily as she was writing on a pink slip. "Last name" Mrs. Turner asked.

"Styles" The mysterious guy replied.

"Here you go" She said handing him the slip. The Styles guy grabbed the slip and said "I won't show up."

"Well you better show up and now sit down and stop interrupting my class." Mrs. Turner said annoyed by the guy's attitude. "And by the way Mr. Styles, no sunglasses are allowed inside the school." 

He took of his sunglasses and stuck them in his V neck shirt. To my luck he was going to sit right in front of me for the rest of the year. Great! 

"Look at his legs Eve, he's so fit" Amy whispered to me, mesmerized as the Styles guy went to sit down in front of me. He must have overheard Amy because he started chuckling to himself.

"You are so lucky to be the teacher's favorite otherwise you too would've gotten detention too" Amy 'whispered' to me. 

"Mrs. Turner doesn't she deserve detention as well for being late" the Styles guy said pointing his long finger at me. I was shocked at his words and my mouth dropped. Who does he think he is to say that?! I don't know about him but I am sure interested in paying attention to class and get good grades. 

"I'm sorry Mrs. Hurd but you're going to have detention too" Mrs. Turner said calmly as she again started writing in a pink slip with the words 'DETENTION' written in big black letters. I walked over, grabbed the slip and quickly returned to my seat. I sat down and elbowed Amy.

"Ow! That was uncalled for!" Amy whisper-yelled.

"Thanks to you, Mick Jagger here knew that I also arrived late and didn't give me detention but to him yes and now I got detention too" I whispered with a hint of anger in my tone.

I think the Styles guy in front of me was enjoying listening to mine and Amy's conversation because again he started chuckling to himself.

When class was dismissed, Amy and I gathered out notes quickly and headed to the door. When I got to Styles whispered in my ear "See you in detention good girl" and then walked down the hallway to god knows where. I was boiling with anger. First, he gets me in detention. Second, he calls me good girl, I don't recall that my birth certificate says 'Good Girl' as a name. Third, he said he wasn't going to detention so what did he mean by that.

Amy noticed my 'confused and angry' face.

"Eve, what's wrong?" Amy asked me.

"That Styles guy just whispered in my ear 'See you in detention'" I spat angrily.

"Oh my god! You are so lucky, he's so fit! Remember to use protection" Amy said while winking at me and wriggling her eyebrows at me.

"Ew NO that's jut gross, I would never do that with a Mick Jagger wannabe. Anyways I think he's gay" I said to Amy.

"If he whispered that into your ear he's definitely not gay!" Amy said excited but honestly I didn't know what the excitement was all about. He was just a spoiled guy who thinks he can go around doing whatever he wants. I hate that kind of people. We both walked to second period and sit down in class.

I just hope everything goes good in this detention.



Okay people here is the first chapter to my new story called Another World! I hope you guys like it. LIKE, FAVORITE AND COMMENT IT WILL MEAN THE WORLD TO ME! Feedback is always appreciated and if you guys have ideas for the story, you can comment me and will put them with the story! I'll update soon. At the beginning is a photo of Evelynn's outfit. 


Alexa, XX


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