Fight for you

Scarlett Evanston is an innocent girl with a secret. By day she's the not so popular high school student. By night she is one of the best woman boxers in the country.
Harry is the school's bad boy who uses boxing to escape from the world. He's a trouble maker and seems to be the complete opposite of Scarlett.
But what if they're really not that different. What if they both have a deep dark secret that they haven't told anyone?
Read Fight for you<3


2. The kicks

        "Harry Styles?" I asked, worried. "Yea so you've heard of me?" He said with a cocky smirk. "Yea you're that idiot who got kicked out of high school huh?" I said with an even bigger smirk. Two can play at that game.

        His grin fell to a frown. " At least I'm not some stuck up goody goody." "I am not!" I said, a bit louder than I planned.

       "Ms. Lane, Mr. Styles? Are you having a problem that should rightfully be disrupting my class? If so I'd gladly be able to send you to the principals office to work it out." Mrs. Segil yelled, making everyone turn toward us. "No mam." I gulped. "Make sure the both of you talk to me after class." She said before continuing her lesson.

        Harry was still grinning when I turned towards him.

        I gladly ignored him for the rest of class until Ms Segil called us to her desk. "I expect you, Ms. Lane, to be more in control of your self. And you Mr Styles, have no way showed me that you should not be sitting in the front. Detention after school for both of you."

    "Ms. Segil I am really sorry. Please give me another chance I-" I tried to say but Ms. Segil beat me to it. "Enough. I'll see you both after school." She said, handing us both a detention slip and rushing us out the door.

      "Thanks a lot." I groaned. "No problem. See you in detention." Harry said with a wink and walked off to God knows where.

    At least I would get to have lunch with my boyfriend Ashton. AKA the stuck up rich kid who's the lead singer in the most well known band in Cheshire, The Kicks. I really don't know what he sees in me, but he treats me fine and that's all that matters right? Love obviously isn't real. I mean common? Do you really think you're gonna find that tall, handsome sweet prince charming that you've been waiting for? Of course not.

    "Hey Ash." I said as I slid into my normal lunch seat. "Braden, Cain, Dale. How are you guys?" I said, as I took a bite of my usual cheese sandwich.

    "Just fine except for that Styles kid was totally criticizing the band. That bloody idiot thinks he rules the school." Cain said.

    I didn't really want to talk about that stupid boy that got me in detention. "Speaking of the band you guys, when is your next show?" "We're gonna be playing at the homecoming festival you should come. Everyone's gonna be there." Braden began. "I don't know I-" "Oh come on babe you never go to anything. Just this once please." Ashton said as he put his arm around my shoulders.

    "I'll be there. It's Friday night right?" "Yea. I'll pick you up at 5 on Friday to go. It'll be great babe. Well as long as that Styles kid isn't there." Ash said, as he rolled his eyes. "Yea. He's so annoying. He was totally flirting with me today and I-" I said as everything went silent.

    "He was what?" Ashton said. "He just said a few things was kind of flirting with-" "That's it. He may think he can rule the school but there's no way that he's messing with my girl." Ashton said and stood up. "Ashton babe it really doesn't matter. I won't talk to him again." I said, as I placed my hands on his broad shoulders to stop him. But really, this would only be my first lie.


OMG THIS CHAPTER SUCKS! Sorry this is just a filler chapter but the next chapter should be up in at the most 30 minutes. The next chapter will be Cara and Harry in detention where the story will really start! I'm going to try to update at least once a week because I've been a heartless person who doesn't update UGH. SO thanks to everyone who has read! STay in tune for the next chapter! :)


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