Fight for you

Scarlett Evanston is an innocent girl with a secret. By day she's the not so popular high school student. By night she is one of the best woman boxers in the country.
Harry is the school's bad boy who uses boxing to escape from the world. He's a trouble maker and seems to be the complete opposite of Scarlett.
But what if they're really not that different. What if they both have a deep dark secret that they haven't told anyone?
Read Fight for you<3


4. Secrets



    "What are you doing here? I-"

    "You too know each other? Well, I'm going to fix that speed bag. You guys can talk but remember to get to work," Coach began.

     Harry's eyes were bulging and as coach left. "I don't believe it," He said with a chuckle. "You're a boxer?"

    "Mmhm." I said, blushing as I looked away.

    "I'm surprised Ashton doesn't flaunt around that his girlfriend can beat their-"

    "Ashton doesn't um..  Ash doesn't exactly know about this. No one does. " I said, interrupting him.

    I glanced at him to find that his mouth was agape and he was glaring at me. "So it's just me?"

    "And my mother."

    He pulled out his phone. "It's too bad I don't have everyone's phone numbers this would be a hit!" He said, laughing.

    "Harry! You don't understand! You can't tell anyone!" I pleaded.

    "You really think I'd tell everyone? I mean it's pretty crazy that I'm almost only person who knows about this. You've got to be holding quite the secrets here huh?"

    "GET TO WORK GUYS! I DIDN'T SAY TO TALK FOR AN HOUR GUYS COME ON!" Coach yelled from the other room. I turned to walk away but Harry caught my hand.

    "What are you doing after you're done working out?" He asked.

    "Uh I don't really know. It'll be late. It's already 8:30." I said hesitantly.

    "I'll just stay for a half hour, then what would you say about going to that bakery again so we can talk yeah?"

    "The bakery's closed at 8, Harry, and how do I know I can trust you?"

    "You don't, but my father owns the place and I happen to have a set of keys." Harry said with a devilish smirk. I frankly didn't know what to do or what to think. Should I really go to an empty bakery with some creep that I met this morning? Why do I have to be so daring?

    "Sure. Just tell coach you'll be leaving early." I said.

    After a half hour had passed I looked around to see if I could find Harry. When I looked into the conditioning room next to me he was there, ready with his bag. We said bye to coach and drove separately to the bakery titled, Stan's Sweets.

    I parked in the back lot, right next to Harry's slick range rover, and got out of the car to find Harry at the front door, keys in hand.

    "Are you sure it's okay if we're here?" I asked him, nervously.

    "It's fine. I'm here all of the time!" He said.

    We got in the restaurant and took a seat in the back. Harry went behind the counter and grabbed two red velvet cupcakes. "Thank you."

    "No problem. So you're a boxer yet you don't tell anyone, you have an idiot boyfriend, and you have trust issues?"

    "If you're going to make fun of me the entire time, I'm leaving."

    "Don't leave. Please, I'm sorry."

    "I thought you were supposed to be the bad boy in town. You don't seem that bad." I said.

    "Shh I've been trying to make a good first impression and you're ruining it." He said, laughing.

    "Sorry. It's weird to have someone who knows I'm a boxer. I just want to kind of get to know you."

    "It's fine really. We've both got a boatload of secrets. Not mine nor your business."

    "So what did you want to talk about?" I asked. It was starting to get awkward. It was already around 9:15 and I started regretting going here. My mom would be so worried.

    "We're sort of friends right? I mean we probably can't be seen in public together and can never talk but would you agree that we're friends?" Harry asked.

     "I guess so. You seem pretty cool." I said with an awkward laugh. He laughed too. It seemed as if we had known each other for more than just a day.

    "You've got a bit of frosting on your face. Mind if I get it?"

    "Oh oops." I said, not answering his question. He leaned over the table with a napkin in his hand, but with just my luck, I turned my head so that our lips were only inches apart. Before he could do anything, I heard a key turn in the door.

     "HEY IS ANYBODY IN HERE?!" A booming voice yelled, causing Harry and I get up from our seats.

    "Oh my god come on!" Harry whispered as he pulled me to the back entrance and we luckily escaped. We each got in our cars and I followed Harry to wherever he was going.

     He stopped at a park down the road and boy, I was fuming mad. I didn't understand what had happened at the bakery. Harry rolled down his window as he pulled up next to me.  

    "What was that?! I thought your dad owned the place?!" I nearly yelled.

    "I lied. My dad's name is Des. I just work there. I may say though that going there was definitely worth it." Harry said with a devious smirk.

    "I'm leaving. My mum will be worried enough. See you around Harry." I said and rolled up my window. I drove back to my house in less than a minutes time.

I was so confused. I liked Harry, we'll most of the time, but tomorrow he'll probably be back to the jerk he was this morning. Part of me wanted to go back to that park and keep talking to Harry, but part of me knew that if I wanted to keep my good-girl reputation I'd best be staying away from him. I did promise Ash that I would stay away from him.

Honestly, I was most of all petrified to face my mother. "Mum! I'm home!" I yelled as I walked in the front door.

"It's about time! You haven't answered any of my calls and I've been worried sick! Ever since the incident with-"

"I get it Mum I'm sorry. Coach wanted me to stay for a while longer to perfect my uppercut I didn't even think of checking my phone."

Mum sighed. "It's alright," she pulled me into a hug, "I just don't want to lose you like I had lost him."

"I know Mum, I know."

I know I'm a terrible person and I'm so sorry for not updating! Ugh! This chapter isn't great but expect more updates soon, now that I can update from my phone!

So Harry knows that Scarlett is a boxer and we now know that Harry and Scarlett both have more secrets to come. What is the incident and who is the guy that Scarlett's mother is talking about?

Please comment any thoughts or ideas and like or favorite! Thank you everyone that has read this so far! Feedback is great so please please please comment if I'm doing something wrong! <3 Ally

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