Fight for you

Scarlett Evanston is an innocent girl with a secret. By day she's the not so popular high school student. By night she is one of the best woman boxers in the country.
Harry is the school's bad boy who uses boxing to escape from the world. He's a trouble maker and seems to be the complete opposite of Scarlett.
But what if they're really not that different. What if they both have a deep dark secret that they haven't told anyone?
Read Fight for you<3


5. School

I woke up the next morning to do my normal routine and dress in a short and simple yellow dress. I applied my makeup and put my hair in a French braid, adding a yellow headband to my hair as well.

I slipped on my grey vans and walked downstairs to find my mother sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee. I grabbed an apple and a granola bar to eat on the bus and picked up my book bag. "Goodbye Sweetheart! Have a good day!" My mum said.

"Is it okay if I go to the homecoming festival tonight with Ashton? He'll pick me up at 5." I asked.

"Sure honey. As long as you'll be with Ashton." She said.

"Thanks Mum." I said as I rushed out the door and found Lena at the bus stop.

We had our usual small talk about our boyfriends and what we were doing later. Nothing special. I just hoped nobody knew I had been with Harry last night.

We took our seats on the bus and stayed quiet while I ate my breakfast. I was nervous about school. I was nervous about Harry.

I walked into school and walked straight to my first hour class. Of course, Harry was there, fighting with Ms. Segil. I tried as best as I could to walk to my seat in secret, although I had no luck. "Hey Scarlett." Harry said, not even looking away from the teacher. I hoped he wouldn't be as much of a jerk as he was yesterday.

I ignored him and sat in my seat, pulling out the needed supplies for literature. I began to read my current obsession, "The Fault in Our Stars."

I shut my book as more people swarmed into the room and Harry took his seat next to mine.

 We both kept quiet and I nearly fell asleep until the bell finally rang and I rushed out of the door. A muscular hand gripped my shoulder.

"You going to the festival tonight?"

I turned around to face him.

"Yea. Why? I wouldn't think of you as the festival type of guy."

"I'm not. Unless I have an insanely gorgeous girl to take with me," He said with a wink.

"Lucky I have a boyfriend who's taking me tonight." I said with a wink as I noticed his grin turn to a frown.

Speak of the devil. He was just about to reply when a certain someone wrapped their arm around my shoulder. "Hey love. Mind if I walk you to your next class? I wouldn't want you to be in danger from Mr. Styles over here. Let's go." He said and dragged me to my next class.

Right before I walked inside he stopped me. "So I'm picking you up tonight right?"

"Yea of course."

"Good. I'm glad I actually get to show off my beautiful girlfriend after school for once. I'll see you at lunch yea?"

I nodded and he quickly kissed me goodbye before I walked into my class.

How strange, I thought. It was as if everything I had talked to Harry about yesterday has been resolved today. I walked into my next class and didn't think about it again.

The rest of the day went by quickly. At lunch, Ashton seemed to always start kissing me whenever I noticed Harry glancing towards me and the entire lunch period I couldn't break our conversation on how he wants to drive me home from school from now on and how he'd never before noticed how lovely my eyes are. I was happy and continued smiling. At least for once, I wasn't just there as his toy. Or was I?


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