I Found You

A girl named Allyson's parents die in a car crash and has to go to foster care eventhough shes 18. And its a 1D fan fic!!!


3. The First Morning

Ally's P.O.V.

I had a rough night. Everything seemed diffrent in my "new room". I got up and went into the bathroom and got ready for a new day. I took a shower, got dreesed, put on my make up beacuse I was going to look for jobs today. Hopefully I find something because I cant stay here forever! I went downstars and I saw Niall. He was making pankakes. "Goodmorning Niall." "Goodmorning Ally. Want some pankakes! There almost done." "Sure"I said sitting down at the table. I brought down that jobs list Louis gave me last night. I was looking through it then Niall sat down the pankakes infront of me. "I hope you like them! Its my secret recipe." I took only 1 bite and i became in love with them!

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