Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her


19. Turns For The Worst

*9 months have passed*
During these nine months. The girls have coped about the 
preganicies. They have been on the face of every magazine
and newspaper. They have preformed many shows as well.
They are planning to do a tour they havent set the dates.
Jae had just had her baby on May 5th. It was a boy.
Her and Ray have been taking care of him.
Aaliyah is due in a couple months..

*Ali's POV*

I was on my way to the studio.. Me Jae and Keke were going to
start planning the dates for our Swagg Tour. I saw helicopters
flying towards it looked like the hospital. Thats strange. My phone started to ring.
It was my mom. I answered it.
Me: Hey mom.
Mom: *crying* Aaliyah. Go to the hospital now..
Me: Why..
Mom: Keke is dead..
Those 3 words replayed in my head. keke is dead... keke is dead..
I almost went off the road.
Me: Okay.. Ill be there. 
I hung up and threw my phoen in the seat. I turned to the road, going to the hospital.
I arrived and saw some many fans and press. I parked and grabbed my phone. I know im
5 months old. But i ran so fast. I ran past the people.
Press: Aaliyah!!!
Me: Get out my face! I swear!!
I ran into the hospital and to the nurse.
Me: Where is Kiesha Knowles room!!
Nurse: 4th floor 2nd door on the right..
I got in the elevator and went the floor. I ran into the waiting room. I saw
beyonce, jay, mom, keri, and jae.. All crying but Jae..
They looked me as i walked in. I walked up to beyonce and hugged her.
Me: Im sorry..
Beyonce: Im sorry..
Doctors: You can go see her....
We walked into the room.. No one had seen her til now..
I couldnt believe what i saw......

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