Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her



*Ali's POV*

I had fell asleep, but i woke up to something wet.. I sat up
and saw i was sitting in a puddle. I jumped up outta bed..
Me: ew ew ew ew ew!!!! nasty
I ripped off those sheets... Then it came to me.. im going into labor..
I screamed at the top of my lungs...
Mom came in and she was in some pj's and a green wig..
Mom: What!!! why you screaming!!!!
Me: Im going into labor.. omg!!! ahhhhh
call ali... call prince... call keke.. i paused..
oh.. habit..
Mom: okay i will.. Lets get in the car.
We walked to the bentley as she called everyone.
I sat in the car breathing so hard.
We go to the hospital.. and went in..
Mom: Umm my daughter is about to have a baby.. i need a doctor..
Me: owww it hurtsss!!!
Nurse: here sweetie.. Sit in this.
She put me in a wheel chair and pushed me to a room.. I changed into
one of those ugly hospital gowns! I laid down on the bed..
Nurse: Do you need any pain meds..
Me: Ye- OWWW!!! yes..
Nurse: Okay.. Im gunna give you some Morophine...
Me: Okay...
She gave me an IV and started the medicine.. Keri and Jae arrived.. Jae had a picture
of keke.. lol
Jae: Aaliyah!!!!
Me: Jaelyn:) Why do you have that..
Jae: She said she wanted to see him born:)
Me: Haha..
Beyonce and Jay showed up and Mindless Behavior...
Prince: Hey...
Me: Hey..
Prince: How you doing..
Me: Fine...
Prince: Good..
The doctor came in...
Doctor: Hey sweetheart..
Me: Heyy..
Doc: So your in labor?
Me: Yes.
Doc: Lets see how dialted you are.
Me: Okay..
He did his thing.
Doc: Your ready to push.. okay.. Who do you want to stay in here?
Me: Prince, Mom and Jae..
Everyone left but them.. Nurses came in to help..
Doc: Ready push..
I pushed as the counted to ten and i relaxed..
Doc: One more time..
I did the same thing again..
Doc: Okay.. I see they head... Push real hard for me..
I pushed as hard i could and i heard crying..
I couldnt see him, but i heard him.. Prince cut the cord..
Then the nurses took him and cleaned him off.. The had him in a blanket
and handed me him... He laid there with his eyes closed.. He was so cute.
He had light skin and dark hair:)
I felt so much better... Everyone came back in..
We all took a group picture....
Then beyonce and jay and the boys had to leave but prince..
The nurse came in..
Nurse: What do you want to name the baby..
Me: Umm.. Dominic Michael Minaj...
Nurse: Cute Name.... Heres the birth certificate.
She walked out...
Jae: He is so cute..
Prince was acting so weird.. Like he acted like he wasnt happy about the baby...
Me: Prince whats wrong....
He stood up and walked over to the door. Before walking out...He looked at me
with his big brown eyes..
Prince: Ali... I want nothing to do with the baby... and I want
nothing to do with you..
With those words he walked out the door and left.. Leaving me to say....
Me: what......

-Thats the end of this story.. Filled with some drama i suppose... kinda sad much... 
i hope you enjoyed this story. i enjoyed writing it-

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