Aaliyah Minaj ( A Princeton Love Story )

Aye there!!!!
Im Aaliyah JenniferMinaj!
Yes my mom is Nicki Minaj!!
But who cares!
Im 14
I am mixed black and white
I am about 5'2
I have blue/hazel eyes
Nicknames: Ali, A squared, Big A, AJ, brace face cuz i have braces.
That pic was b4 i got them
and anything they think of.
I dont have a career.
I can be nice it depends
I love Princeton
you know from mindless behavior!!!
He is sooo cute!!!

you know what Nicki Minaj looks like so im not doing her


21. It's Time

*Ali's POV*

So i walked into Keke's Room with everyone and i was so shocked in 
what i saw. She was broken. She had bruises all over her face and body.
Broken arms and a leg. She was hooked up to machines, tubes were coming in
and out of her. Her dark skin was lightened. She laid there helplessly. Only
a breathing tube helping her stay alive. Beyonce just bursted out crying.
Jay: What happened to my baby girl..
Doctor: Well the paramedics say.. That she was crossing the street to get to
her car after leaving a clothes store. While she was crossing the street a speeding
car hit her! The car didnt stop til it stoped at the red light. The police have the guy,
but anyway when she got hit her brain stem was torn from the spine.. and its
barely on the cerebellum..
Beyonce: Oh my god.. *crys*
Jay: Is there anything you can do..
Doctor: There is a surgery we can do. Now.. I dont promise that
she'll make it through because of the state she is in.. If she did make
it through she will be a horrible state. She wont be able to do nothing
physical... She would have to have a nurse at all times incase somethin happened..
Jay: Whats the procedure???
Doctor: Well we can fuse the stem back to the spine and attach the stem
back to the cerebellum. But like i said she will have physcial and mental 
Jay: Oh...
Doctor: or you can pull the plug... Ill give you time to think..
He walked out the room.. Beyonce walked over to keke and stroked her face.
I stood in the corner of the room watching..
Nicki: *sniff* what are you gunna do..
Beyonce: idk.. I dont want her to have the surgery and not make it,
but i dont want to pull the plug...
Jay: I think we should do whats best.. We cant let her
live of this machine. She wont ever wake up..
Beyonce: *cries* I know.. okay.. I want to pull the plug..
Jay: Are you sure...
Beyonce Yes... But i think keke would want her friends to do it..
Jae: What.. us pull the pull it.
The doctor came in..
Doctor: So..
Beyonce: I want them to to pull the plug...
Doctor: Okay... Go ahead..
Me: I want to talk to her first.. I know she can hear us..
I walked over to her and whispered in her ear.
Me: Keke...Keke how could this happen. I remembered when we first met.
You were strange and creepy. We formed a awesome band. We wrote aamazing
songs.. you always borrowed money.. you wanted to be the aunt of me and jae's
babies... now that your not going to be here... this band is done, in
respect of you... * my tear fell on her cheek*
I wiped it off her face and hugged her.. Jae walked up behind me.
I placed my hand on the plugg and jae placed her hand right below mine...
I closed my eyes.
Jae: 1...
Me: 2..
Jae: 3...
Together we pulled and all the machines turned off. I bursted into tears and walked to mom.
She embraced me while i cried..
Me: *whispered* she didnt deserve this..
mom: i know...
Me: I need to go... Im sorry beyonce and jay...
I hugged them both... I looked at Keke and did a faint smile..
I walked out the room and went down to the lobby.. I waved to the nurse.
Nurse: Im sorry about your lose..
Me: Thank you..
I walked out the hospital, the sun was burning my eyes. I slipped on my sunglasses.
The paparazzi was crazy..
Me: it's none of your business. just give me some space please.....
I walked to my car.. I got in.. I drove to the MB compound..
I knocked on the door... Prodigy opened it. I pushed past him... I looked
at the couch and saw roc watching tv. The news channel showing the hospital.
Me: Roc...
He looked at me with sad eyes.
Roc: Aaliyah.. Tell me she is okay..
I walked over to him... He stood him..
Me: No.. We had to pull the plug.. It was too bad.
He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.. He started to cry
Roc: Why her... what happened..
Me: a speeding car hit her and damaged her brain...
Roc: I cant believe this.. Did they get the guy.
Me: yes.. they did...
Roc: Okay... Im gunna go see her.
Me: Go do that Roc.. She would love that..
I went back to my car and drove home. I walked into the empty house..
I stood in the middle of the hallway and looked at the very back wall. I walked down there.
There on the wall hung 3 big potraits of Jae then Me the Keke.. And above it
in big letters it said N.E.R.D.S.. I walked over to Kiesha's Picture and looked how happy
she was.. And now to think she is gone destroys me.... I touched the picture and 
fell to my knees.. sat there infront of her picture crying my heart out for her.....
I never thought this is how it would end.....

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