Despicable Me 3: The Doctor will see you now

This is a bit of fun I think. I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who, whovian to the extremes and I thought it would be fun to write a story showing what happens to the Adipose.

Despicable Me 2 becomes Despicable me 3 when it mixes with Doctor Who. Ever wonder where Gru gets his minions?

This story is my theory. And I hope you agree.


5. The Final Collection

Gru woke up groggily and looked at his phone which was buzzing on the table. He answered it and his eyes widened.

"Lucy! Lucy! We have a tintzy wintzy problem..."

"What? What?" Lucy skidded out of the kitchen, her hair long and unpinned, falling down her shoulders. Gru smiled then shook himself into focus.

"We've been found out. Miss Foster, she called and someone stole a necklace and itz all gone wrong!"

"Gru, tell Miss Foster to collect as many as she can and return to the ship." Lucy mumbled something but Gru didn't quite hear.

"Oh and Lucy? She said two people had been meddling. A man and a woman. She says he calls himself ze Doctor."

"The Doctor? Is he cute?"

Gru spinned around.


"Oh nothing.." Lucy battered her eyelashes innocently and left the room.

Gru frowned. Was he doing something wrong? He decided he didn't have time to mope and called Miss Foster telling her to make the collection. Lucy had refused to give Miss Foster her lipstick taser so Gru had given her a sonic pen instead. It wasn't very ladylike but Miss Foster was more of a practical woman. Gru looked out of the porthole window in the side of the ship to see Adipose from all over London, heading towards their area to be collected.

"Lucy! It iz time to start the collection!" 

"Coming!" Lucy called. She had been looking for Dave and Carl but couldn't find them anywhere. 

"Honey! I can't find Dave" Lucy stared out the window at the thousands of tiny Adipose waiting to be taken up. Miss Foster was on the ground.

"Activating beam." Gru pushed a button and beams of light emanated from the ship, taking the little Adipose with them. 

"Lucy? Do you think you could handle ze collection? I will try to find Dave and Carl." 

"Yes, I think I can manage." Lucy smiled sweetly. Gru left, calling for the minions. Lucy's eyes sparkled mischievously. She looked out the window, seeing that Miss Foster was in mid air, beaming up to the ship.

She was talking to two people on a rooftop. Lucy zoomed in with the computer to hear what they were saying. The man seemed to be trying to warn her, but Miss Foster wasn't listening. Lucy smiled. The man, who Lucy assumed was the one who called himself the Doctor, looked at Miss Foster in horror shouting that she wasn't needed any more now that 'mummy' and 'daddy' had their children. On cue, Lucy pushed the big red button and Miss Foster's beam retracted.

"oops." She smiled, "that's what happens when you try to steal my husband!"

Miss Foster looked down in shock horror then fell to her death.

The Doctor's companion looked away and as the Doctor peered over the building at Miss Foster's crumpled body 15 storeys down, he shielded her face from the disturbing scene.

The Adipose were ready to go. Gru came into the room holding Dave and Carl in his hands and rolled his eyes. They pointed to their friends who were carrying something. A blue police box.

"Right, we are going to return zis polize box zen we are going home...Lucy where iz Miss Foster." Gru looked around worriedly.

"Um...I relieved her of her services. She'll be staying here." 

"Right...ok. But we didn't pay her! Oh well. Come one. Letz drop this off. We haven't got much time." The minions showed Gru where they found the box and returned it to the alley where they watched The Doctor and his companion enter then disappear.

Gru and Lucy guided the Adipose into a containment room and set course for home.

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