Despicable Me 3: The Doctor will see you now

This is a bit of fun I think. I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who, whovian to the extremes and I thought it would be fun to write a story showing what happens to the Adipose.

Despicable Me 2 becomes Despicable me 3 when it mixes with Doctor Who. Ever wonder where Gru gets his minions?

This story is my theory. And I hope you agree.


2. Hiring the Nanny

Lucy dragged Gru to the lab and Dr.Nefario explained to them an alternative way of creating minions.
"Basically Gru, using my special portal, you will travel to an alternative dimension. The people will be the same however will look very different, don't be afraid when you change appearance, it is temporary. The difficult bit is getting people to take these tablets." Dr.Nefario held up a small capsule. "When activated, it will turn the fat from anyone who has taken the pill into small fleshy baby minions which when taken back to our dimension become fully grown minons."
"Zat sounds good Doctor but will anyone get hurt?" Gru asked doubtfully.
"No! Well, if the plan goes wrong maybe... or if you end up in the wrong dimension....but other than that you should be fine. Oh! And I built you this. It should help you travel when you get there." Dr.Nefario pulled a sheet of a giant object taking up half the room. Gru's eyes widened.
"That...that's a..."
"A UFO! Oooooh that's good. We'll be all, like, woooooo, whirrrrrrrr, zooom zoom, wheee!!!!" Lucy twirled around the lab and hugged Gru, "it's perfect!" She grinned.

One week Later.

"Iz zis necessary?" Gru looked at Lucy then back at the candidates.
"Yes. Completely. If we hire a nanny to do all the work then we can sit back and relax."
"But Lucy, we have seen so many and ze weird girl with de tacky jewellery iz looking at me funny. I'm not sure about zis."
"Oh lighten up! Oooh look!" Lucy pointed at the candidate who walked into the room with a business-like-stride and a serious look on her face. She had blonde hair tied up in a bun and black business glasses that complimented her red lipstick.

"I am Miss Foster. As in foster parent. I'm known as the super nanny." Miss Foster introduced herself and handed Lucy her papers.
"You're perfect." said Gru.
"..yes..perfect." Lucy agreed, slightly surprised at Gru's response to Miss Foster.

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