Despicable Me 3: The Doctor will see you now

This is a bit of fun I think. I'm a massive fan of Doctor Who, whovian to the extremes and I thought it would be fun to write a story showing what happens to the Adipose.

Despicable Me 2 becomes Despicable me 3 when it mixes with Doctor Who. Ever wonder where Gru gets his minions?

This story is my theory. And I hope you agree.


1. Agnes leaves home

Agnes, honey! Are you finished packing?" Gru called up the stairs.
"Yep!" Agnes called back. She popped her head round the corner grinning and slid down the bannister landing at Gru's feet. Gru pulled a suitcase from behind his back and handed it to Agnes. She opened it excitedly and her eyes widened in amazement. She pulled out a lazer gun nearly twice her size and at the press of a button was propelled through the house as a lazer beam followed and blasted a hole in the house wall. Carl, one of Gru's minions burst in with alarms strapped to his head and a fire extinguisher shouting "Bee-daw! Bee-daw! Bee-daw!" Agness poked her head out of the rubble and jumped back into the hall shouting, "That was awesome!" Gru smiled and wiped a tear. "Zat's my girl." Agnes was 17 now and was going off to a top secret private girls school for spys where her sisters were attending. She was beautiful and all grown up, tall and slim with long black hair tied up in a pony tail, her eyes full of joy and innocence, just like the first day Gru had first met her as a bubbly little girl. But she was now a young woman and in seeing this Gru wanted to do everything to ensure she was safe because no matter what, she was still his little girl.
"Now I've installed laser tasers in your unicorn, mr fluffy and a sonic blaster in your phone... remember if any boy looks at you, blow him up. If he tries to talk you, blow him up. If he sits next to you in class..."
"I know, I know. Blow him up." Agnes sighed.
"Gru, you know she's a big girl now. She doesn't want guns and all this manly gadgety stuff." Lucy bounded down the stairs, her fiery red hair tied back neatly in a bun. She gave Gru a peck on the cheek then turned to Agness with a grin and handed her a make up bag.
"But Lucy, I don't wear make up." Agnes said, pulling a tube of liquid foundation out of the bag. She squirted it and the beige fluid stuck to the wall and began to melt the plaster. "Cool!" Agnes said with new-found enthusiasm.
"Acid Foundation!" Squeaked Lucy enthusiastically, "See what else is in the bag!"
Agnes pulled out fake eyelashes and looked confused.
"They're cameras, you wear them and you blink hard and it takes a picture of what you see." Lucy explained. Agnes nodded and then took out a small tube object. Lucy made a serious face. "Now remember when using this, you must do it in the proper way, like I showed you." Agnes nodded and uncapped the tube, threw her hand in the air, hopped onto one foot and as she pushed a button on the top and two wires flew out and stuck to the nearest object. "Lipstick Taser!" Agnes trilled and turned quizically as she heard a thud. Gru lay on the floor, his whole body vibrating with electricity and as he removed the wires, still fried and shaking he said in his thick accent, "za-a-ats m-my...girl." and with grunt he dragged himself to Dave his favourite minion and used his head to lean on exaustedly.
"oop, sorry Gru." Agnes then looked at lucy and they both giggled.
"Lasers are a girl's best friend!" Lucy chimed, "Make sure your sisters look after you."
"I will."

As the taxi pulled up to the kerb, Lucy and Gru looked on tearfully. Agnes gave Lucy a quick hug then looked at Gru lovingly, eyes brimming with tears. Gru looked at her, his body standing rigid and awkwardly not quite sure what to do. Then Agnes flung herself at Gru, wrapping her arms around him. Gru eventually gave in and after embracing her, burst into tears. Then Gru heard a loud rumbling. He looked around to see thousands of minions pouring out of the house.
"What in ze wourld is going on here?" Gru exclaimed as the minions swarmed around Agnes, all sobbing.
"Aw don't worry guys. I'll be back for Christmas." Agnes patted Dave, who was also her favourite minion, then picked up her pink unicorn patterned suitcase and flung it into the taxi before jumping in herself.  As the taxi drove off, Agnes looked back one last time and waved at her family, Gru and Lucy surrounded by a sea of minions. Her life.

As the taxi disappeared, the minons started to panic. Half of them ran off into the sea and Gru sighed dramatically. "Ze whole wourld is going crazy! And now I am out of minions. Now who iz going to fix de hole in ze wall?" Gru looked at Lucy sadly.
"Well could always go get some more minions." Lucy said thoughtfully.
"Itz not zat simple. Ze cloning device was destroyed. How will we make more minions?" Gru sat on the kerb and sulked.
"Well," Lucy parked herself next to Gru, re-applied her lipstick and took Gru's hand, "let's go ask Dr. Nefario."

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