Thick As Blood.

“You'll regret it...” He whispered into my ear, he looked into my eyes, they turned red, his teeth grew into fangs. My eyes widened, he came closer to my neck, I screamed, he put his hand over my mouth. His fangs were touching my neck, it was cold. He forced his fangs down into my neck...


1. Chapter One

Andy's POV.

Hello. My name is Andy. Over 100 years ago some creatures attacked my village. They were cold creatures, they seemed human. They weren't. They had sharp teeth, they're eyes would turn different colors at times, they had a thirst for blood, they would sink they're large fangs into you and drain you dry, if you would lucky, they would turn you into one of them. If you weren't lucky. They would kill you. Everyone had to stay in their homes, they waited. Waited for death... At the time I was 19, I was hiding in the basement with my mum, my dad, and my little sister. My sister was 10. A creature had come down, she killed my family, I was the last, I had to watch her drain the life out of my mum, my dad. My little sister. They didn't deserve to die. I was the lucky one, the creature had taken an interest in me, she made me drink from her blood, then she had to kill me, I woke up with a snapped neck. I woke up not human. I woke up a vampire...


I was in the college restaurant. They were about to close up, I made my way to the bar. No one was there. I heard a scream come from the staff only room. I used my vampire speed to hurry to the scream, there was a girl, and a man, he was beating her. I watched. I don't know why. she was crying. The man unbuttoned her jeans, and tried pulling them down. She kicked and screamed.


Katie's POV.

I kicked and screamed, even though it hurt. James had beaten me black and blue. Now he was trying to rape me. I hoped someone could hear me and help, but I don't think they can. "Shut up and kiss me, bitch!" William spat. I had no other choice but to do what he said, he had horrible lips, they were rough. He shoved his tongue down my throat, I could taste the vodka in his breath. He pulled away, and he unbuttoned my trousers. I screamed louder, he looked up to me, he raised his hand, I closed my eyes. Nothing happened. I opened my eyes and William was pinned to the wall by someone. This someone had dark brown hair and light blue eyes, he had a big frame, and he looked strong. My knees felt numb, and I collapsed. The fall was hard and I hit my head. It hurt. I felt my eyes getting heavy, my eye sight became blurry and then... darkness.


Andy's POV.

The girl had passed out on the floor. Great, now I could get some blood out of this retard. I let my eyes glow red, his eyes widened and he struggled to get away. My teeth grew longer and sharper. "GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, YOU PSYCHO!" He screamed in my face, while he kicked and screamed. I moved his head to the side and sank my teeth into the victim, I sucked onto his skin and felt the liquid flow into my mouth. He stopped kicking, and I began to stand him up. I took my teeth out of his neck and looked at his face. His eyes were pale and grey, the color in his skin was gone. I let him drop to the ground, and turned my attention to the girl on the floor. I bent down next to her. Her eyes were closed. She had pale skin, and brown wavy hair. She had mascara running down her cheeks, she had a few cuts and bruises on her face. Despite her cuts and bruises, she was beautiful. I put one arm under her knees and one arm behind her back. I lifted her up and used my vampire speed to get to my room.

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