Trust is Earned, Not Bought

"I don't care who you are, or how much money you have," I said, staring him right in the eyes, "Trust is earned, not bought."


2. Chapter Two

  Sliding into my seat, I looked around the classroom. Nope, no Jordan here. I guess Sadie was looking too, as she had just passed me a note. 'I know, figures' I wrote, then passed in front of me. Like always, rumors were just rumors. Ms. Holsinger walked in, her clipboard taking up the space between her arms.

  "Let's begin attendance." She beamed, before calling off names. Lola Pierse, Olivia Mayoros, the names just echoed in my head.

  "Jordan Caldwell?" She asked, looking at the empty seat to my left. The closed door suddenly burst open, and there stood, the ever-so-infamous: New Kid.

  "Sorry I'm late ma'am, I got a little lost," He explained, reaching for the back of his neck. It's pretty much his 'signature move.'

  "Oh, no problem, take a seat," She said, like she was trying to not swoon. I did anything at my disposal to avoid eye-contact. He could very well be using a mind control mechanism, and I'm not going to be a victim.

  He dropped his books on the desk, making me jump. He chuckled as Ms. Holsinger began the lesson. "Hey, scaredy, do you have any clue what she's saying?" He whispered. Did he really think I was going to explain it to him?

  "It's trigonometry." I said, jotting down the notes on the board. He had his little moment of realization, and then turned to me again.

  "What's trigonometry?" He asked, receiving my; 'You've got to be kidding,' face. If he doesn't know what it is- He shouldn't even be here if he doesn't understand. I was right, once again.

  He kept bothering me for the rest of the class, and when I left, I wanted to snap his neck. When I saw Melissa in the hall, I wanted to strangle her. "So, as I recently found out, 'Dreamboat'," I said, using my finger for emphasis, " Is an idiot. And, he's so annoying! I can't believe you really like him." I said, exhausted from the torment.

  I hadn't realized I'd left Sadie, until she texted me:

can u believe what hapnd? 

i know! i didn't think he was going to be so annoying!

that isn't what i'm talking about! he...omg...

he what?

he asked lissy to ask u out for him.

HE WHAT?!?!?!

yeah. when she got on the bus...omg it was awful.

is she okay?

she told me she didnt even want to look at you. its pretty bad.

y wood he like ME?! im a pencil pocket nerd!

i dont know! i thought hed ask lindsay out for sure.

me too! why is she mad at me?

she got the idea you liked him, and he thought you were prettier than everyone else.

why would he think that?

well duh.

i know, but lissy is why prettier. 


sorry, i meant way.  i gtg do hw. c u 2moro



My shut my phone off, and ran to the bathroom. My face, like always I suppose, was flushed pink.


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