Trust is Earned, Not Bought

"I don't care who you are, or how much money you have," I said, staring him right in the eyes, "Trust is earned, not bought."


1. Chapter One

  "So, what do you think of the new guy? Isn't he cute?" asked Melissa, looking over at the table across from us. Jordan Caldwell has been going here for a day, and already, over half of our grade was in love with him. Melissa included. "Just look at his eyes." She said, hoping I would see what she saw.

  "Yeah, those ugly, unworthy eyes. Melissa, he isn't worth it." I explained. "He's probably a player, just like the rest of them." 

  "You don't know that for sure!" She defended him. " He seems really smart, and really sweet." She explained, clasping her hands together. "I heard he's in your math class." She said, leaning in, for the rest of our table to hear. Unlike the rest of them, my other friend, Sadie, was actually sane, and not 'boy-crazy.'

  "I doubt that," I said, rolling my eyes at the ridiculousness. "And, he seems. That doesn't mean he is. How would you even know?" I asked, considering she hasn't even talked to him, yet.

  "Because, I can just tell." She said, looking over at him. She didn't see what I saw, and I saw Ashley Bates, going up to ask him out. 

  Ashley and Melissa have been enemies since kindergarten. Unfortunately for Melissa, she's always been the underdog, whereas Ashley only got more popular. People say it was because Ashley was prettier, and smarter, but it was because Ashley was mean. That's why I hate her just as much (or maybe a little less) as Melissa.

  When Ashley got too close for Melissa to interfere, she finally saw. "Aw, c'mon!" She yelled, not realizing how loud she was. When everyone turned to our table, Melissa shrunk in her seat, whereas the rest of them got pink-cheeked.

  Sadie and I got up. "You've got to be kidding," I yelled, trying to mimic Melissa's voice. "Sadie, did you have to throw your pizza at me?" I asked, pointing to my stained sweatshirt. Good thing we actually had pizza for lunch, and I'd already dropped it. 

  "I didn't throw anything, you dropped it!" She said, making the room burst into laughter. Sadie is pretty much the class clown. Of every class. "Now, lets go clean you up," She said, winking at Melissa and I, leaving before everyone realize she was gone.

  Once we entered the girls restroom, Melissa hugged us both. "You guys are life savers!" She squealed, wrapping her arms around us tighter. "For a second there, I got so scared!" She admitted.

  "Although, seriously, you might want to take off your sweatshirt," Sadie said, gesturing to our evidence, "It' s a pretty big stain." I nodded as I slid it off, revealing my Adventure Time shirt.

I folded my sweatshirt, and as we walked out of the restroom, we saw a crying Ashley. "This," She said, pointing her acrylic nail to my chest, "Is all your fault." She said, gritting her teeth at the end, before hussling the rest of her group into the restroom.

  Walking back into the cafeteria, I grabbed my books, before the bell rang, and headed to one of his supposed classes. Math.

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