Truth Or Dare

We all sat in a circle, alcohol in our hands. We were probably too drunk to care about anything in the world. "Louis, truth or dare?" my friend Ben asked. "Dare." I said with no hesitation. "Oh, trying to be brave, huh? Fine, I dare you to kill the girl." he said


2. Chapter Two

Rachel's P.O.V.

    We walked into the already alcohol smelling house. I hate Louis or whatever his name was but, damn! He lives in a mansion!

"Names, please."

    A strong, tall guy was asking people names to get them inside. I was only aloud to come because Sasha happens to be dating Travis, one of Louis' friends, so she gets to bring one guest.

"Sasha Simons. And I brought my guest, Rachel..."

    She looked to me so I could say my name.

"Rachel Brown."

"Alright, you're good."

    I followed Sasha inside. There was about thirty people here now, and about seventy were waiting outside. Louis must throw awesome parties.

    Sasha walked up to two girls I didn't recognize.

"Hey, girls! This is Rachel, Rachel this is Maggie and Carly."

    I smiled at the two brunettes in front of me.

"It's nice to meet you."

"Oh, Sash! Look who's over there!"

    Carly was pointing towards a boy I recognized from the hall. She smiled and walked away, Carly on her tail.

"Sash is totally head over heals for Travis. I don't get it, Travis is a jerk, but she loves him and he loves her, so I respect it."

"I know what you mean. I ran into Louis and his friends this morning. Let's just say we aren't friends."

"Louis tries to scare everybody. Sadly with most people it works. Luckily we've just never crossed paths. But Ben will make sure you get hell."

"That's what I've heard. I'm not concerned at all. It takes a lot to mess with me."

"Tough girl, are you? I like it. We need some of you around here. Think you could show me some of your ways?"

"It might take some time, but sure. It'd be fun."

    Maggie was growing on me already. She was really pretty and nice. Hopefully we'll become great friends. We exchanged numbers and she introduced me to her boyfriend, Ethan. He was really sweet, but I didn't like him as more than a friend. Plus, he's so smitten over Maggie. They were in love and hopefully would last forever. I hope to find someone like that someday.

"Who in the world let you in?"

    Ugh, I recognized that voice.

"Sasha Simons."

"Why would she bring you?"

"We're friends?"

"God, Sasha! I never understood that girl."

"Maybe because you find anyone that doesn't like you a target?"

"Shut up. That's not true."

"Hm, well last I checked you 'warned' me to stay off your bad side and when I didn't listen you spilt water on me. What does that sound like to you?"

"Bitch, please. You can leave. Don't let the door hit you."

"Why because I'm right?"

"Stay out of my way! You'll regret it if you don't!"

"Hm, I think I won't take that under consideration. Now, I got to go find Sasha. Bye Ben!"

    I cheerfully wandered away in the direction I saw Sasha going. Victory has been mine!

"Hey, Sash!"

"Hey, Rach! Want a drink?"

"Oh, no thanks. I don't drink."

"C'mon, just a little? It's a party!"

    I looked around. What if my mom or step dad caught me? But it's a party, Rachel... You want to be cool or not?

"Fine, just a little."

    I was completely wasted. What did I do? Oh, god. I can't go home now! But Sasha, Maggie, and Carly already left. I had all their numbers. We had become really good friends the past few hours. But they're probably crashed already. I only recognized one person here. Louis.

    I groaned and walked over to him.

"Louis, may I please talk to you?"

"Why should I talk to you?"

"Please? I need a huge favor."

    He sighed and nodded. I walked down a hall with him following.

"Can I stay here tonight? Just on the couch or something? My parents can not see me like this."

"Why should I help you?"

"Fine I'll sleep on a park bench or something."

    With that I walked out. I actually thought he would object, but nope. The bastard was going to let me sleep on a park bench.

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