Truth Or Dare

We all sat in a circle, alcohol in our hands. We were probably too drunk to care about anything in the world. "Louis, truth or dare?" my friend Ben asked. "Dare." I said with no hesitation. "Oh, trying to be brave, huh? Fine, I dare you to kill the girl." he said


12. Chapter Twelve

Louis' P.O.V.

    Rachel hid her face in my chest, shaking uncontrollably. I hated seeing her so frightened, but honestly I was scared myself. What if he finds us? What if he actually kills Rachel?

    Stop thinking like that, Louis. Stay positive.

    I hate arguing with myself, but it's true. If I think positive, it might be better.

    "Rachel? Come out, come out where ever you are!" Ben yelled.

    I kissed the top of Rachel's head and stroked her hair, doing my best to keep her as calm as possible.

    That's when I heard sirens. A wave of relief went through me. One minute you heard Ben walking around, the next sirens, then the last, silence. He must've hid or ran off.

    There was a knock at the door. Of course I'm not moving. That would be stupid. Ben could shoot me! Nobody made a sound. Ben was hiding somewhere. He wouldn't have gotten away yet. That's when the door broke open. Rachel looked at me. Hope flashed in her eyes.

    I crawled out of the closet and walked into the room. Ben would be stupid to come out now. That's when someone came up behind me. Rachel screamed. I turned around to see a gun pointed at my head. Rachel stood at the entrance to her closet, tears running down her cheeks.

    "Ben, stop. You're drunk. Pull that trigger and you'll be put in jail." I said as calm as possible.

    "I'm already going to jail anyways, so why not kill you and Rachel in the process?" he said.

    "You aren't thinking straight." I said. He laughed.

    "You're funny, Lou. Too bad that will be gone." he said.

    That's when I noticed Rachel getting closer to him. She was going to stop him. And possibly get herself killed.

    "Rachel, stop!" I yelled. Ben took this as cue to turn around. He smiled and pointed the gun towards her. I ran over and pushed him away from her. He fell to the ground, but stood right back up, grabbing his gun along the way. He pointed it at me again.

    "Put your weapons down!" someone yelled from the doorway. I turned and saw the police. Ben's gun fell from his hand and he put his hands up in surrender. I took this opportunity to run over to Rachel. She hugged me tight and buried her face in my chest.

    Two police officers put hand cuffs on Ben and took him out of the room, while two others came over to us.

    "Are you kids alright? Is anyone hurt?" she asked.

    "We're a bit shaken up, but we aren't hurt." I replied. She nodded.

    "I'm going to bring you both to the police station with me to answer some questions and call your parents. You aren't in trouble." she said.


    "Rachel, may we please talk to you?" an officer asked. Rachel looked at me. I kissed her forehead.

    "You're okay. I'll wait right here for you." I whispered. She nodded and went with the officer.


Rachel's P.O.V.

    I didn't really want to leave Louis, but I'm at a police station. Hopefully I'll be okay.

    "My name is Deputy Brooks. You aren't in trouble. We would just like to know a few things about the incident. Please be honest so we can do our best in protecting you and Louis and keeping Ben locked up so other's are safe as well." she said. I nodded.

    "Can you tell me what happened?"

    "I was at my house, when Louis came over. He wasn't supposed to come over, he was with Ben and some other friends at Ben's house. But he came, and he told me Ben was coming over and was going to kill me. He brought me inside explaining, but then we heard a car door slam and Ben had gotten there. We didn't have any other way out besides going out the front, where Ben was. So we hid in my closet. Ben searched my house, but luckily didn't see us in the closet. That's when I remembered my phone and Louis called and hung up so you would track the phone. We heard sirens and Ben's footsteps weren't heard anymore. We thought he was hidden and would be, so Louis went out. I crawled out behind him to see Ben walk over and point his gun directly at Louis' head. Then, I was going to stop him, but Louis yelled for me to stop, making Ben aware I was there. He then turned to me, where Louis pushed him away before he shot me. That's when you showed up." I explained, trying to control my tears. Deputy Brooks nodded and wrote some things down.

    "Thank you, dear. I know that probably was the last thing you want to talk about right now." she said. I nodded. It was true. Why would I want to talk about that?

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