Truth Or Dare

We all sat in a circle, alcohol in our hands. We were probably too drunk to care about anything in the world. "Louis, truth or dare?" my friend Ben asked. "Dare." I said with no hesitation. "Oh, trying to be brave, huh? Fine, I dare you to kill the girl." he said


4. Chapter Four

Rachel's P.O.V.

    "I'm going to run to the bathroom real quick."

    Carly ran off down the hall to the restroom. I kept walking, when someone came messing around and ran into me.

"You just can't figure out to stay out of my way, can you?"

    Ugh, why is Ben always where I go? Gosh. Make him fall off the face of the earth.

"You're the one who ran into me, idiot."

"Just stay out of my way."

    I rolled my eyes and pushed past him, walking over to Maggie and Sasha at the ice cream stand.

"Carly went to the bathroom."

"Have you seen Travis, Louis, or Ben?"

"Yeah, Ben just ran into me. Literally."

"Yay they're here!"

    What's she talking about? Did I miss something?


"I invited Travis. He said sure, but Louis and Ben are coming too."

    Ugh, great. I have to hang out with these fools.

"Oh, great. You didn't say she was here."

    Oh, joy. They're here. I got up and walked into a nearby store and tried to calm down. I've never hated someone so much.

"Rachel? If you really want me to I can leave."

"No, you're fine."

    Out of all people, why would Travis come to see if I was okay?

"I know you think I'm like them, but I'm not."

"I'll believe it when I see it."

"Okay, well we should hang out more."

"Um, you have a girlfriend."

    He chuckled. What's funny?

"I didn't mean like that, Rachel. I meant as friends."

"Well Sasha may not like that idea very much."

"She suggested it."

    Why would she do that? If it were me I would've said no way back off my boyfriend.

"Well, I guess then."

"Cool, here's my number."

    We exchanged numbers and went back to the group.

"I have an idea!"

    Great, Sasha. What's got you all cheery now?

"We could have a scavenger hunt to help some people not hate each other's guts! Mags, Travis and I already know it, so that leaves Ben and Carly and Louis with Rachel!"

    Um, no thanks.

"Don't look at me like that! Please?"


    She smiled and gave us our first paper. We had to find a seashell and bring it back here. We went the opposite direction of the others. My guess is Carly likes Ben and Sasha knows, so that's the reason she put them together.

"I say we ditch this after the seashell."


"This is lame."

"So why don't you?"

"If you don't too, I'll get all the blame for it."

"Yeah, but if we did together they'd assume things."

"Don't tell them we ditched together. You drove right?"


"Well, perfect. I met Travis and Ben here. So we both have a car and Travis can just take the other girls home too."

"Okay, so what do we say?"

"Say you don't feel good, I'll say my mom called and needed me."

"Okay. But remind me, why do I have to with you?"

"Did you have something better to do?"

"Got a point."

    We found a seashell in a little ocean themed shop. Ben and Carly had already been back. Sasha gave us another paper, but we didn't bother reading it. After we were down away from them, we both texted our friends and left. Tell me again, why was I agreeing to hang out with Louis?

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