Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


14. The Overlooked

Stiles and Scott walked me out of the school, and into Stile’s jeep. I couldn’t stop shaking. I then felt two pairs of arms wrap around me, and I just broke down. Caroline and Sophia tried calming me down, but it wasn’t working. Caroline told me that everything would be fine, and now all we had to do was tell Derek. I knew that this would piss him off, but I really wanted to see him kill Jennifer. I was fine after that and all of us went to tell Derek. When we got there, Scott and Stiles told him what happened, while the rest of us stayed quiet. Derek must’ve known something was off about me because he hugged me. “We’ll find him. I won’t let anything happen to him, I promise.” Derek whispered in my ear. “I can’t believe she took him.” was all I could say because this was still killing me inside. Derek then told us to hide because Jennifer was here and on her way up. All of us hid, and listened as everything unfolded. “Derek? Derek, where are you?” Jennifer yelled as she came in. “Right here.” Derek replied as he walked into the room. Jennifer sighed while saying, “Thank God.” She then proceeded to hug Derek tightly, which he hugged her back. “Something happened at the recital. At the school. Okay, I need to tell before you hear it, before you hear from any of them.” Jennifer said, and that made me want to come out and knock the hell out of her. “From who?” Derek asked ‘confused’. “Scott, Stiles, Zaira.” Jennifer replied before continuing. “They’re going to tell you things. Things you can’t believe. You have to trust me, okay? You trust me.” “What is it?” Derek asked as concerned as he could. “Promise you’ll listen to me.” Jennifer said desperately. “I promise.” Derek said before Jennifer kissed him. I clenched and unclenched my fist just because of that, but I knew that Derek was only playing along until it was time for us to come out. I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally realizes that Derek knows everything. “They’re already here, aren’t they?” Jennifer asked as we stepped out. “Nice of you to finally reveal your true self, you selfish bitch.” I said with clenched teeth. “So, they told you it was me? That I’m the one taking people?” Jennifer asked, completely ignoring my statement. “We told him you were the one killing people.” Scott replied. “Oh, that’s right. Committing human sacrifices? What, cutting their throats? Yeah, I probably do it on my lunch hour. That way, I can get back to teaching high school English the rest of the day. That makes perfect sense.” Jennifer said with a chuckle. I was getting more pissed off by the minute, and I couldn’t help the evil thoughts that ran through my head of what I was praying Derek would do to her. “Where’s my dad?” Stiles asked as he was trying so hard not to cry. “How should I know?” Jennifer asked and that’s when I lost it. “You took him, bitch. I was forced to watch you take my uncle. So help me, if he’s hurt, then the Alpha’s won’t be the only ones getting hell from me.” I growled as Caroline and Sophia held me back. Jennifer ignored me and started talking to Derek. “Derek, tell me you don’t believe this.” Derek glanced at us, and I knew that he knew we were right because he knew that I wouldn’t lie to him about anything. He knew me too well, and knew that we were all telling the truth. “Do you know what happened to Stiles’ father?” Derek asked, and I wanted to smack him because we already established that she would lie to save her ass. “No.” Jennifer replied. “Ask her why she almost killed Lydia?” Scott said which made me want the answer as well. “Lydia Martin? I don’t know anything about that.” Jennifer said back with a whole lot of attitude. I wanted to kill her right then, but had to settle with just watching the scene unfold. “What do you know?” Derek asked. “I do know that these boys and girl, for whatever misguided reason, are filling your head with an absurd story. And one they can’t prove, by the way.” Jennifer replied while looking at us. “We can prove it bitch.” I said while Scott showed her the bottle of Mistletoe. “What is that?” Jennifer asked. “My boss told me it’s a poison and a cure, which means you can use it and it can be used against you.” Scott replied while opening the bottle, and while Derek backed away. “Mistletoe?” Jennifer growled. Scott then threw the Mistletoe on Jennifer, who kept turning back and forth into herself and the Darach. I was happy that Derek finally saw what she really was. Jennifer then tried to run, but Derek grabbed her by her throat. “Derek, wait, wait! You need me.” Jennifer gasped. “What are you?” Derek growled. “The only person who can save your sister. Call Peter. Call him!” Jennifer yelled. Derek called Peter and then hung up pissed. I knew that look, and it meant that she was right. “Derek. Derek, what are you doing?” Scott asked as Derek tightened his grip on Jennifer’s neck. “Her life, it’s in my hands!” Jennifer yelled before Derek lifted her up in the air. “Stop. Derek, stop!” Stiles yelled as he came closer to Derek. “Stilinski, you’ll never find him.” Jennifer said as she glanced over as Stiles and me. “Derek. Derek!” Scott growled before Derek finally dropped Jennifer. I took that opportunity to go to Derek. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I leaned into him. “That’s right. You need me. All of you.” Jennifer said as she looked at all of us. “I don’t need you, but the only reason you’re still alive is because you will help us find my uncle and you’ll save Cora. I can’t wait to see Derek rip your throat out.” I growled as I headed up the spiral staircase to change clothes. I knew that what was fixing to happen would be bloody, and I wanted to be prepared. After I was ready, I told Caroline and Sophia to stay here, just to be safe, and naturally they argued back. I told them that I didn’t want anything happening to them, and after a few minutes, they finally agreed to stay behind. I also told them that if it came down to it, to hide if they heard any noise. They agreed and I left with the others. Derek took Jennifer in his car, and I went with Scott and Stiles in Stiles’ jeep. I ignored the conversation going on between Scott and Stiles and just focused on the task at hand. When we finally got to the hospital, I jumped out and followed Derek inside. He had a tight grip on Jennifer’s arm, and I was super happy about that. I barely listened to the conversation between Scott and Momma McCall, but I was sort of happy when we reached the elevator. “We don’t know that for sure, so shut up and deal with it.” I growled after Jennifer said something about being on a leash. I wanted to say more, but I was trying not to lose my cool. We had finally reached Cora’s room, but she wasn’t there. We followed the small drops of black blood, till we reached a door, that was thrown open, when Peter came sliding out of it. We all glanced up and saw the twins, as one giant Alpha. I loaded my gun and got ready to fight, but Derek beat me to it. I watched as he tried fighting the twins, but was getting overpowered, until Scott went to help. Stiles and Peter went to get Cora, so that left me with Jennifer. Jennifer decided that she would slowly step back until she reached the elevators, and she did, and that set me off for good. I was running for my life, until we all stopped in a room, and then Jennifer decided to finally join us. She told us that the only way she would help Cora would be if we got her out of the hospital safe. Scott held Derek back, but I was free to let her have it. “You want to be safe. I’ll give you safe.” I growled as I took a shot at her. I barely missed her, but that was on purpose. “You help her now, or I’ll make sure to do the Alpha’s a favor and kill you myself.” I growled as my Alpha side took over. “You’re different, aren’t you?” Jennifer asked with a slight smirk. “I sure am bitch, but that doesn’t…” I was cut off by Ms. McCall telling us to bring Jennifer to Deucalion. I really wanted to, but I had to follow the plan, or whatever the others were doing. Everyone was talking about the true Alpha and other things, but what got me was that Jennifer said that she wasn’t going anywhere without Derek. “And guess what, I’m not letting him go anywhere with you without me.” I said with a smirk because I knew that she would hate that, but I didn’t care because I wasn’t losing Derek, again. We ran and ended up getting split up, and what I mean is, is that I ended up with Stiles and Cora, instead of Derek and Jennifer. I was trying so hard not to make any noise, but I really just wanted to scream. I started to panic when Cora stopped breathing, but was relieved when Stiles did CPR and she started breathing again. Stiles started talking to Cora, but I was focused on Derek. I could still hear him, and I knew that he was stuck, and that was what I was worried about. I sent Derek a text telling him that I loved him and waited for a reply. When I got one, this is what it read: I love you too. I was really happy about that and I couldn’t wait to get out of here and see him. Time seemed to slow down before I realized that we were loading Cora into a car with Isaac and Peter. I ran after Stiles after he ran off. We found Derek knocked out in the elevator, but Stiles ran after Scott, and I made the choice to run after both of them. I made it to the roof, but I was too late. Scott was walking off with Deucalion, and Stiles was standing there. I didn’t know what to think except that Jennifer Blake, or whatever the hell her is, was going to pay for everything, and she better hope that I don’t catch her before the Alphas do. Zaira's outfit to the battle at the hospital:
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