Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


5. Tattoo

4 months. It’s been 4 months since Ryder came into town, and things haven’t gotten any better. Erica and Boyd are still missing, Stiles had a secret girlfriend, which shocked us all, and Caroline knows everything now. I tried to keep her out of it, but thanks to the new Alpha pack, that didn’t work. They attacked Caroline and Scott saved her. She questioned everything, but finally came to terms with everything.

Stiles’ secret girlfriend, whose name is Sophia Grace, knows about everything as well. Thanks to Stiles, which I thought was funny because Scott and Derek both had mad looks on their faces, but in the end, I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in this. I know I have Hazelle, but she can’t be with me all the time. We finally got to meet Sophia, and I was glad to say that me and her are going to get along just fine.

I was now sitting at home, with Hazelle, talking to Elena and Jeremy through Skype. I know, we’re dorks, but we’re like family, and I don’t want to be left out of the loop and vice versa.

“How’s everything going since the Alpha pack came into town?” Elena asked as he put her hair up.

“It’s been hell. Erica and Boyd, who are Derek’s Betas, are still missing, and school starts soon, and I don’t know what Derek’s going to do, which scares me.” I replied as Hazelle and I curled up on my bed.

“I’m sure everything will work out in your favor.” Jeremy said which made me smile because I knew that he was probably right.

“Thanks Jer. You just made my day.” I said with a big smile.

Jeremy chuckled before saying, “I’m glad.”

We talked for quite some time before we decided that we needed a break. Hazelle and I plugged my IPod in, and danced around my room like goofballs. We didn’t care because we were having fun. We stopped dancing when my phone rung.

“Yes Scott.” I answered.

“It’s Stiles, actually, and can you meet us at the tattoo parlor.” Stiles said with a snort.

“Sure. I’ll be there in 5.” I said back before I hung up.

I told Hazelle that I would be back and she was ok with that. She also said that she wanted to fix up her room anyway. I was glad that she was living with me because living alone was about to drive me crazy.

When I got to the tattoo parlor, Stiles met me at the door. I was thinking about getting a tattoo as well, but I wasn’t sure now. I decided to get one anyway, and when mine was done, I went to watch Scott get his.

“What is your tattoo?” Stiles asked as he tried not to watch Scott getting his.

“You’ll know when the wrap comes off.” I replied with a laugh.

“That’s not funny.” Stiles said with a frown, but it was getting hard for him to keep frowning because he knew that he couldn’t stay mad at me.

After Scott got his tattoo, Stiles and Scott got in Stiles’ jeep, and I got in my car. I was going to follow them home because I wanted to see Ms. McCall. I noticed that Scott was pulling off his wrap. I got out and ran to see if he was ok, and that’s when I noticed that his tattoo was gone. They were shocked, but I wasn’t because I knew that, that was going to happen.

I went home and got into my pajamas. I went straight to bed because I knew that I would have to be at the school early to pick up my schedule. I was hoping that I would get to be in some of the classes that Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Allison, and Lydia were in because I knew that we were going to need to come together.

I woke up the next morning, showered, got dressed, grabbed my stuff, and headed to my car. Hazelle wasn’t with me today because she had to go back to Mystic Falls to help with a problem. I hope everything is ok and she comes back soon. As I pulled in the school parking lot, I noticed that there were 2 motorcycles next to Scott. I parked my car, got out, and headed inside.

I was walking down the hall, trying not to get run over by all the freshmen, but failing, and came across twins heading my way. I knew that they were werewolves and that they were Alpha’s, but I wasn’t going to show them that I knew anything. I was thankful to them when they walked past me, without running into me, and headed to the class that I was in, which was English, I think, and it was with Ms. Blake. She’s new and I actually like her, so far. Scott, Allison, Lydia, Stiles, Caroline, and Sophia, who transferred here, were in the class as well, and I was happy to see that this year will be good if we all have the same classes.

The day was going normal, until Scott and I got pulled out of class. Ms. Blake was telling Scott that she didn’t want to see him fall back into his old habits and I agree with her, but we needed to go because something was wrong.

I followed Scott to the hospital, and just listened as Scott and Ms. McCall talked. Scott and I scurried down the hall to the elevator. The doors were about to close when this cane stopped them. This blind man came in, and asked, “Can you push the button for the 2nd floor please?”

Scott and I were shocked because that’s where we were headed. When Scott pushed the button, the man said, “Thank you.” I was happy to learn that at least some blind people actually have respect for other people who try to help them.

When we got to the 2nd floor, Scott helped the man out, and went to go look for Isaac’s room. We saw that it was empty, but Scott noticed a man wheeling Isaac into an elevator. Scott ran after them, I ran after Scott, and we both just barely made it into the elevator. I was sitting on the floor next to Isaac’s wheelchair, while Scott fought the dude, who was an Alpha by the way. I wanted to help, but I didn’t have any of my weapons on me, and that sucked, but I was happy to see the elevator doors open and Derek shove his claws into the dude’s back while saying, “So am I.” Derek threw the guy out of the elevator, and I was trying so hard not to say a word or laugh.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Derek asked as he looked at Scott. I was happy to see Derek, but right now, Isaac was our priority.

I followed Derek to his abandoned house, and stayed with Isaac when Derek laid him down on a table. I pretty much drowned out the conversation between Derek and Scott. I was pulled from my thoughts when everyone went into the next room, so Derek could fix Scott’s tattoo problem.

I went with them and helped Stiles hold Scott. I shuddered from the pain that Scott was going through, but he wanted this. Scott fainted and Derek, Stiles, and I waited till he woke up. I was standing next to Derek, who had his arms crossed, when Scott woke up and said, “It worked.” I wanted to laugh at that comment because I guess he thought that it wouldn’t work, but who knows with him.

As Scott, Stiles, and I, Derek told me that I could leave with them because he wanted to talk to me alone, were leaving; Scott noticed that one side of the door was painted. He started to claw at the door, and ended up revealing the Alpha pack’s symbol.

Scott asked Derek a lot of questions about the symbol. I already knew the answers, but I wanted Derek to answer them. I was shocked when Scott looked at me and said, “You knew.”

“Of course I knew. I was helping them look for Erica and Boyd, along with the help of Hazelle, and our friends.” I said back with a small smile.

“Where is she?” Isaac asked as we all looked at him.

When we didn’t say anything, Isaac asked, “Where’s the girl?”

“What girl?” Derek finally asked.

All of us just looked at him funny, but I think I knew who he was talking about. Well, this year is already starting off weird, but who knows, maybe I can help bring the Alpha pack down. Everyone has a weakness, right?


Zaira's outfit to school:

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