Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


19. Galvanize


I woke up early the next morning, 12:15am to be exact, and it was because my phone was ringing. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Stiles calling me.


“Why the hell are you calling me at 12:15?” I growled as I answered the phone.


“Don’t you know what night/day it is?” Stiles countered questioned.


“Yes, but I do my thing during the day.” I replied.


Stiles had no reply to that, so I hung up and went back to sleep, except I couldn’t because I felt like I was being watched. I got up and checked my house out, but I didn’t see anything, so I went back to bed, and got up later that morning, and got ready for school. When I pulled up on my bike, I saw Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Ethan, and Aidan talking, but Ethan, I think, flashed his canines, and he and Isaac were stepping closer to each other.


“Whoa there boys. Save the fighting for some other time.” I said as I stepped between the two.


Ethan’s eyes were still flashing, so I flashed my red eyes, and he backed down. I thought it was funny, but I followed the others in. I did hear Scott tell the twins that Stiles and Isaac didn’t trust them, and he didn’t either. I was still out of it because I still couldn’t get Derek out of my head. I saw that Scott was looking at the new girl; I think her name is Kira, and I got an idea. I was going to try to hook them up. I wasn’t in the school for very long because my phone rung and it was Caroline.


“Where are you girl?” I asked as I answered.


“I’m at Derek’s loft.” Caroline replied.


“Why are you there?” I asked confused.


“I honestly don’t know Zia, but can you come get me?” Caroline replied.


“I’m on my way.” I said back before I hung up, and went to go get her.


When I got there, I saw that Derek’s new car, or whatever he calls it, so I wanted to see if he was really here. Caroline followed me inside, but I wasn’t prepared to see Derek breathing heavy, and slowly getting off the floor.


“What the hell did you do?” I asked as I walked closer to Derek.


“I needed to ask my mom something.” Derek replied as I helped him sit in a chair.


I just nodded my head and just kept quiet. This is all knew to me. I’m still in shock that Derek was right here in front of me. Caroline and I stayed with Derek and Peter for a good while, before Stiles texted me and told me that Scott had to rescue Kira from Marrow. I told him that I wanted all the details later. Caroline seemed off, but I shrugged it off, but I knew that she would tell me what’s going on when she was ready. I finally drove Caroline home, and went home myself. I was in the process of changing, when Derek came in through the window.


“I swear I’m going to kill you.” I growled as I tried to cover up.


Derek chuckled before replying, “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”


I finished changing and smacked his arm. Derek just grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him.


“I really missed you Derek.” I whispered, but I knew he heard me.


“I missed you too Zaira.” Derek whispered back, but I heard him.


I don’t know how long we just stood like that, but in the end, we went to bed, and I believe you guys know what I mean. I hope that the others are ok, and that we can finally get back to our somewhat normal lives. I’m also glad that I have Derek back because now, I don’t have to worry if he’s alive or dead. Well, this is goodnight and I hope tomorrow is better.




Zaira’s outfit to school:


Outfit Zaira was changing into when Derek popped in:


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