Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


9. Frayed

“You ok back there Zia?” Isaac asked as he turned to look at me.

“Not really. Would you if you were in my place?” I asked back while trying to keep the tears from falling.

“No, probably not.” Isaac replied back as he turned back around.

Confused? Let me catch you up. Well, the other day, Scott decided to go talk to Deucalion, with Isaac. Naturally, Derek, Boyd, and Cora followed him, and everyone knows that I won’t let anyone do something stupid. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and now everybody thinks Derek is dead. I on the other hand have a strong feeling that he is still alive. I’m trying to keep calm, but it gets harder every second that I don’t know if he is or not. Hazelle is looking for him, and I pray that she finds him.

Now Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Boyd, and I are on the bus going to a track meet. Ethan is also on the bus, but I don’t think he’ll do anything because he has a major crush on Danny, and I won’t let him hurt Danny. Danny is my boy and I’ll kill anyone who hurts him. Just ask any of his exs. *Cue evil grin*

I keep staring out the window, playing with the necklace that Derek gave me. It’s a diamond heart with a gold halo. I was shocked when Derek gave it to me, but he told me that, that I was his angel. I cried when he said that, and kissed him, once he put it on me. I have this feeling in my heart that he’s alive because if he wasn’t, then I would be pretty much dead.

Sophia and Caroline are following the bus, along with Allison and Lydia, and I’m glad that my girls came along because I knew that I would need my car if Hazelle found Derek. Hazelle and I planned it out that if she found Derek, then she would call me and I would drive back home. I know that I probably sound selfish, but I mean, what would you want me to do? I love Derek and not knowing if he’s alive or not is starting to get to me. I was pulled from my thoughts when Coach Finstock started yelling at some of the boys. After that, I felt the seat that I was on sink as Scott sat down and stopped Boyd from going after Ethan. I also noticed that Ethan kept checking his phone, and I knew that he was seeing if Aidan had texted him.

I texted Ethan and asked if he was ok. I heard him chuckle, and when I looked back, he nodded his head. I smiled and was happy that I could at least ease his mind. I may not like what they are doing, but they are still human, well, sort of, anyway. Scott and I have gotten closer since everything has happened, and I’m happy about that. I now confide in him whenever Hazelle isn’t around. Mrs. McCall thinks that we’ll be dating soon, but we both tell her that we’re just friends, but I don’t think that she believes us.

*Hazelle’s POV*

“Where the hell is his body?” I growled out loud as I looked at the place where Derek’s body is supposed to be.

Zaira told me where his body was supposed to be, and when I got here, both bodies were gone. I’m shocked, but I heard a noise, so I went and hid. I peeked around the corner and saw Cora and Peter talking. I knew they were looking for Derek because I heard every word they said. I watched as they left and left as well. I knew some of the other places that Derek might go, and I hope he’s at one of them or Zaira will be in big trouble.

*Zaira’s POV*

I smiled at Scott as he headed back to seat, but I noticed that he was still bleeding. I was scared that he was dying, but I knew that he would come to me if he was. I was holding in my laughter when Stiles and Coach Finstock were arguing. I was happy that we got to get off that bus, thanks to a kid named Jared, and I almost screamed when Ethan tapped my shoulder.

“One of these days I’m going to hurt you.” I said as I popped his arm.

“Have you heard from Aidan?” Ethan asked, and that made me feel bad for him.

“No, I haven’t. Is everything ok?” I asked back because I didn’t want him to know that I was there.

Ethan told me the same thing that he told Danny, but he didn’t know that I knew the truth, and I wanted to keep it that way. We parted ways and I went to talk to Caroline and Sophia. We were pulled from our conversation when kids started yelling about a fight. We ran over to the group and saw Isaac beating the hell out of Ethan. I was about to step in, but Scott beat me to it when he yelled, “Isaac!”

He sounded like an Alpha, but I was shocked when Isaac actually stopped. He looked at Scott, and I knew that he felt bad. Everyone got back on the bus, except Caroline and Sophia because they were driving my car. I looked out the window and just held my necklace.

“You ok Zaira?” Danny asked as he looked over at me.

“Yeah, Danny, I’m fine.” I replied with a small smile.

“Alright girl. I’m just checking on you.” Danny said with a smile.

“Thanks Danny. I really appreciate it.” I said back with a laugh.

Ethan seemed to know that something was up because he gave me a weird look. I was scared that he knew that I was there, but I was praying that he didn’t. Well, I’m not sure what to think at the moment because Hazelle hasn’t texted me yet.

“Please be alive, Derek. I don’t know what will happen if you’re not.” I whispered as softly as I could because I didn’t want Ethan to hear me.


Zaira’s outfit to track meet along with Derek’s necklace:

Caroline and Sophia’s outfit while following the bus in Zaira’s car:

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