Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


6. Chaos Rising

“Do you know the girl that Isaac was asking about?” Hazelle asked as we walked into my house.

“No, but I’ve heard of her. We ran into each other once, then I never saw her again.” I replied as I changed clothes. Hazelle and I thought that we would stay in, and I agreed. We also thought that we would invite Caroline and Sophia over as well.

“I’ll get it.” Hazelle said right as she headed to the door. I laughed at that because Sophia had this confused look on her, while she had her fist raised, like she was about to knock.

“She’s a vampire.” I reminded her, which made her nod her head.

The rest of our day was perfect, and we fell asleep pretty quickly. I hope that Hazelle and I brought Caroline and Sophia up to speed because this year could be the bloodiest yet. I’ve also noticed that Caroline and Isaac seem to be getting pretty close. I think that they would make a really cute couple.

I woke up the next morning by my phone ringing. And guess who was calling, Derek. Why did I tell him that he could call me no matter what time it was? Oh, I remember, it’s because I love him.

“Yes Derek.” I answered with a slight yawn.

“Hey Zia. Isaac is freaking out and won’t calm down, so I was wondering if you would come calm him down.” Derek said back, and I knew what he was talking about.

“Sure. Is it ok if I bring the girls?” I asked because I wasn’t going anywhere without them.

Derek sighed before replying, “Sure.”

He hung up after that, and I knew that I would get him later for that. I woke the other girls up; we got dressed, and headed to Derek’s loft. Yes, I said loft.  It’s not… I don’t know how to describe it, but it suits Derek.

As we got to the loft, we could see Isaac pacing in front of the window. I felt bad for him, but I felt worse for Caroline because she was about to see something that I knew would kill her.

“What’s going on Isaac? Why are you freaking out?” I asked as we walked into the loft. I went to Derek and stood behind him, since he was sitting in a chair, looking through a book. The other girls went to sit on the couch, and I knew that Hazelle was getting ready to hold them back when everything went down.

“I’m starting to not like this idea. It sounds kind of dangerous.” Isaac replied, while still pacing in front of the window.

“What idea?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“You know what? I really don’t like this idea. I defiantly don’t like him.” Isaac replied, instead of answering me.

“Is he talking about…” Hazelle started before I cut her off by saying, “Yeah girl. I think he is.”

“You’ll be fine.” Derek finally said from his chair.

“Does it have to be him?” Isaac asked, and that confirmed my thoughts.

“He knows how to do it. I don’t. It’d be more dangerous if I tried to do it myself.” Derek replied.

“You know Scott doesn’t trust him, right? And personally, well, I trust Scott.” Isaac said while twirling a book, I think, in his hands.

I knew that bothered Derek, but I didn’t expect him to ask, “Do you trust me?” I knew Isaac trusted Derek, but that’s not the point at the moment.

Isaac hesitated before replying, “Yeah.”

I was about to say something when Isaac said, “I just still don’t like him.” I tried my hardest not to laugh at that, but I heard Caroline giggle, and that made me smile.

“Nobody likes him.” Derek said back.

I drained out anything that Peter said because I didn’t really care about what he had to say. I was there for Derek and Isaac, and they were the only people I was listening to.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when Derek said, “We don’t like you. Now shut up and help us.” I couldn’t help the slight laugh that came out of me then.

“Nice to see you too, Zaira.” Peter said as he turned to me.

“I would say the same, but we both know that I don’t trust or like you.” I said back as Derek smirked.

I decided to take the girls back home, but I told Derek that I would see them later. I knew that Caroline didn’t need to see what was fixing to happen. I drove them back to my house and we had fun while, and then Stiles texted me to meet him and Scott at the school. I told Hazelle to keep the girls company, and I headed to the school.

I walked into some classroom when Derek said, “I don’t see anything.”

“Look again.” Scott pretty much demanded.

I didn’t like his tone, considering Derek actually came to see if they could help.

“How is a bruise gonna tell me where Erica and Boyd are?” Derek asked while looking between the two girls.

“It’s the same on both sides, exactly the same.” Scott said while looking at Derek.

“It’s nothing.” Derek said. I took that as my cue to go stand next to Derek.

“Pareidolia. Seeing patterns that aren’t there. It’s a sub-set of apophenia. ” Lydia said, which just confused me because she used very big words that I’ve never heard of.

“They’re trying to help.” Scott said as he looked at Derek.

I placed my hand on Derek’s arm to let him know that I was there, and I knew that this conversation was fixing to go downhill.

“These two. This one (Derek pointed at Lydia), who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle. Thank you. And this one (Derek pointed at Allison), who shot about 30 arrows into me and my pack.” Derek said, while Allison glared at him.

I glared back at her because I knew that she still blamed Derek for her mother’s death, even though her mother almost killed Scott.

“Ok. All right. Come one, no one died. All right, look, there may have been a little maiming. K, a little mangling, but no death. That’s what I call an important distinction.” Stiles said while trying to diffuse the situation.

“My mother died.” Allison said coldly as she looked at Derek.

“Your family’s little honor code killed your mother. Not me.” Derek said back just as coldly.

“That girl was looking for Scott. I’m here to help him, not you.” Allison said. I knew that she still blamed Derek, but she needs to get over it before she gets us all killed.

“You wanna help, find something real.” Derek said as he turned to walk away.

Scott followed after him, and I have no idea what they said because I was trying to calm myself down.

“You ok Zia?” Stiles asked as he came up to me.

“Not really.” I replied, but I was looking at Allison.

“What’s going through that head of yours?” Stiles asked as he lightly touched my arm.

“Her.” I replied as I pointed at Allison.

“What did she do?” Stiles asked, since Allison was to chicken to ask me herself.

“What else Stiles? She blames Derek for killing her mother, when she has no idea what really happened. She only knows what her father wants her to know.” I replied as I tried to calm my breathing, again.

“Now is not the time Zaira.” Scott said as he came up to me.

“Maybe you’re right Scott, but sooner or later she’s going to know the truth, and maybe she’ll back the hell off of Derek, or she’ll deal with me. Remember this Allison, you’ve seen what I can do, don’t make me actually kill you.” I said before walking out of the room, and going home to change.

I needed something from the school’s library, but I didn’t have everything I needed. I changed clothes, grabbed my purse, and headed back to the school. I noticed that Allison, Lydia, Danny, and the twins were in there as well, but my main goal was to get in and get out before the twins knew I was there. Unfortunately, I didn’t get out of the library fast enough because the twins caught me right at the door.

“Excuse me, but we’re kind of lost here.” one of the twins said as I turned to look at both of them.

“I’m happy to help. I’m Zaira by the way.” I said back with a smile.

“I’m Aiden, and this is my brother, Ethan.” one of the twins said as he pointed to himself, and then his brother.

“Nice to meet you boys. Where are you going next?” I asked them as politely as I could. I didn’t want them to know just yet that I was with Derek.

They showed me their schedules, and I walked them to their class. They were pretty happy, but I think Aiden was happier. I exchanged numbers with them, for a reason I can’t think of, and headed back home. When I got in my car, Stiles texted me and told me that I needed to meet them at the animal clinic. I went home, grabbed the girls, and headed to the clinic. We walked in and headed to the back, where Derek, Scott, and Stiles were filling a bathtub with ice.

We missed most of the conversation, but I did hear Derek ask, “How slow is very slow?”

The girls and I looked at each other, but couldn’t get a word in because Dr. Deaton replied, “Nearly dead.”

“Why does he have to be nearly dead?” Caroline asked as we made our presences known.

“He knows where Erica and Boyd are, so they’re going to try to get him to remember.” I replied as I went over to Derek, who grabbed my hand.

Before Caroline could say another word, Isaac asked, “It’s safe though, right?”

“Do you want me to answer honestly?” Dr. Deaton asked.

“No. No. Not really.” Isaac replied.

Hazelle moved Caroline and Sophia away from the tub, but they couldn’t go far because the room was pretty packed. I stayed closer to the head of the tub because I knew that I would have to help them. I couldn’t help the sinking feeling that hit me, but I knew that it was because I didn’t want to hurt Isaac.

We finally got him under, but he came up just as quick. Stiles had to help us, until Isaac finally stopped struggling. I noticed that Caroline had fled the room, so I decided to go check on her.

“Why did they do that? Why did he go through with it?” Caroline asked as I walked over to her.

“I don’t know girl, but you have to realize that Erica and Boyd are like his family, and he would do anything to find them.” I replied while trying to help her understand.

“Would you do that for us?” Caroline asked suddenly while turning to me.

“In a heartbeat.” I replied before Hazelle called us back inside.

“Derek, he said there’s a dead body. It’s Erica. That doesn’t exactly leave us much room for interoperation (I think that’s how it’s spelled).” Stiles said as Caroline and I looked at him funny.

“Is she really dead?” I asked and I know it was a stupid question, but I had to know.

“We think so, but we’re not 100% sure yet.” Stiles replied, which I was grateful for since Derek wouldn’t answer me.

“Then we find out more information on this bank vault, and then go find Erica and Boyd.” I said which shocked everyone.

“If they left, then why should we find them?” Sophia asked, and I knew that Stiles didn’t tell her everything, exactly.

“Well, they are a part of Derek’s pack, but they’re also a part of mine. They were fooled into leaving our pack, and it’s our jobs as Alphas to make sure that our Betas aren’t being used against us, and since they were taken, it’s our jobs to find them.” I replied and that stopped all the questions because we all decided to head home.

“Keep me updated.” I told Derek.

“Of course and same to you.” Derek said back.

I kissed him before heading to my car, and driving home. I dropped off Caroline and Sophia, but I told them that I would pick them up before school. They agreed and then I headed home with Hazelle.

“She’s dead isn’t she?” Hazelle asked.

“Yeah, I believe that she is, but you know Derek, he’s not going to believe anything until he sees it for himself.” I replied with a solemn look.

Once we got home, we went straight to bed. The next morning, I found out that Derek didn’t want me involved in the plan. I was so pissed off that I went straight to his loft to tell him off, which Hazelle followed me just in case.

“Really Derek! Are you really that stupid?!” I yelled as I came face to face with him.

“I’m not letting you get hurt, again. If I let you help then there’s a chance that they could kill you, and I’m not taking that chance.” Derek replied while trying to remain calm.

“But you going is fine! What if you get hurt, huh?! How do you think that’s going to affect me?!” I yelled. I was so pissed off that if he tried to touch me, then I would probably throw him into a wall.

“Just drop it Zaira. You’re not helping and that’s final.” Derek growled before walking off.

Hazelle had to drag me out of there, and I think she knew that I was really pissed off if I didn’t go willingly. I knew that Derek was doing it to protect me, but the last time that happened, I got kidnapped, and I really don’t want to go through that again.

After a while, I finally had calm down, but something didn’t feel right. Hazelle drove me to the abandoned bank, which she found while doing research, and followed me inside. Boyd and another girl, who I identified as Cora, Derek’s younger sister, ran past us, and I knew right then that something had happened because they seemed vicious.

When we finally made it to the vault, I heard Allison ask, “What does he mean, Scott?” I knew that Derek and Scott would kill me, but I think it’s time that Allison knew the truth.

“I may not know exactly what was said, but I think I have a pretty good idea, but are you sure you want to know?” I asked as I made my presence known, along with Hazelle.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Allison replied.

“Ok, well, the night of the rave, your mom set a trap for Scott. She was planning on killing him because she found out that you guys were still together. She also saw you kiss in some classroom. Plus, if it wasn’t for Derek and I then Scott would be dead, and you would be too.” I said as I finished telling Allison, what nobody else would.

“Why would she be dead as well?” Scott asked as he looked at me.

“She would be dead because I would kill her before she killed Derek or any of our pack.” I replied without missing a beat, which Derek smirked at.

Allison didn’t look like she believed me, but why should she not? I mean, why would I lie to her? She finally left, and Scott followed her.

“I knew she couldn’t handle the truth.” I told Hazelle and Derek.

“I know, but she asked for it.” Hazelle said as Derek walked closer to us.

We finally left the creepy bank, and went home. Derek wasn’t happy that I came, but he was happy that I came after everything was over with. We both agreed that we would catch Boyd and Cora before someone died.


Caroline's outfit to Derek's loft:

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