Violent Passions (Book 3)

With a new Alpha pack in town, there's going to be more trouble for Zaira and the gang. With new friends and enemies coming in town, things are bound to get to ugly. Will Zaira be able to hang onto Derek when he falls for someone else? Or will she lose him forever? Will Derek push her into another Alpha's arms? I don't own anything, but my OCs.


15. Alpha Pact

Stiles and I ran back inside to wake Derek. I watched as Stiles smacked him, but I almost started laughing when Stiles went to punch him, Derek caught his wrist. I helped Stiles get Derek up and left with Derek. Stiles was going to hold off the police o give us some time.

“We’re going to get them back.” Derek said softly as he grabbed my hand.

“I know and that bitch is going to pay.” I said back while squeezing Derek’s hand.

We pulled up next to the Argent’s and Isaac, and both of us jumped out of the car. Everyone was firing questions at us, but I only answered one, and that was about Scott.

“He left, Allison. He joined Deucalion to save his mother.” I replied to Allison’s constant question about where Scott was.

Derek and I left and took Cora back to the loft. I helped him as much as I could without getting in his way. I also tried to comfort him, but that didn’t help because Isaac came in and started yelling at Derek. I finally had enough and let Isaac have it.

“Isaac, stop! Don’t you dare blame all of this on him! No one knew that she was the killer, hell, she even had me fooled, and I’m good at knowing when something isn’t right. You need to take your ass out that door and calm down, before I end up kicking your ass from here to China.” I growled as I got in front of Derek.

Isaac backed down and left without another word. I slowly tried calming myself, but it wasn’t working. Derek finally convinced me to go change clothes and go help the others. I argued at first, but I knew that he was right, but lucky for me, Hazelle came back into town. I called her and she told me that she would come stay with Derek and help him in any way she could. I was thankful for that, but before I left, Derek gave me a kiss. I was really happy about that, and he told me that after this was over, we needed to talk. I agreed and left to go help the others. I ended up at the Argents’ house, and they were shocked to see me.

“I thought you were staying with Derek.” Stiles stated as I walked in the room behind Mr. Argent.

“I was but Derek wanted me to come help, and Hazelle is with him, so we’re all good.” I said back with a grin.

Stiles was still shocked that the Argents still had all of their weapons, but I wasn’t because I was the same way. Isaac came in and said something about being able to use his claws, and I giggled because it was funny.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I was listening to Derek and Peter talk about saving Cora, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. None of them deserved this, but in the end, karma came and got them good. I can’t believe that Jennifer Blake is the killer. I never saw that coming, but I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard Derek tell Peter that he would risk his life to save his sister. I thought that was sweet, but what would that do to Zaira.

“Derek, please be very careful. I know that you and Zaira are pretty much on good terms, but if you die then it’ll kill her.” I whispered to him as I stood next to him.

“I know, but I have to do it. She’s my sister, and I won’t lose her again.” I said back, and headed over to Cora.

I hope he does this right and he lives because if not, then Zaira will be after Peter, and that won’t be good.

*Zaira’s POV*

I was with Allison, Chris, and Isaac as we went inside the bank. I followed them until I decided to hide close to the bank vault just to give myself enough time to get my gun ready. I was just about to exist the room I was in, when I heard a loud screeching noise. I ran to the vault and noticed that Isaac was holding Allison up.

“What the hell happened?” I asked completely shocked.

“He gave himself over to her.” Allison replied shakily.

I covered my mouth because I couldn’t believe that Chris would do that, but then again, he would do anything to protect his family. I just stood there and tried to rethink the plan when I heard Allison asked if everyone was going to die.

“No. Nobody is going to die.” I answered her question while heading out of the vault.

I knew what I said was true, but I needed them to believe just like I do, or this plan won’t work. I hope that Stiles is getting somewhere with Lydia because I don’t know what will happen if he doesn’t.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I didn’t know what to say about this whole saving Cora thing, except that I kind of agree with Peter. He wants Derek to think about this before he does something stupid. Derek is willing to lose his power to save his sister, I get that, but then he won’t be able to fight back, and that’s not good. I mean, I’ll be here to help him, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold them off, especially if the other hunters come into the picture. They’ve been too quiet for my taste, but then again, they could be laying low for right now.

I watched as Derek and Peter argued about this, and then I watched Derek think about what Peter was saying, and I hope he chooses the right thing.

*Zaira’s POV*

I left the bank and ran straight through the woods. I didn’t know where I was headed, but my Alpha side took over and that’s what was leading me into the woods. I came across a clearing with Ms. Morrell standing in a circle with the Alpha’s standing around her.

“What a nice surprise. It’s nice of you to finally join us Zia.” Deucalion said as everyone looked at me.

“I couldn’t say the same, but I’m here to help Scott, and if that means helping you, then so be it.” I said back with an attitude.

I went and stood next to Scott until he went to help Morrell, when Deucalion attacked her. I felt so bad for her, but I knew that Scott wouldn’t let anyone kill her, and neither would I. I stuck by Scott till he went to meet up with Stiles and Deaton. They were shocked to see me, but that didn’t stop them from telling Scott what they know. Scott went with Stiles and Deaton and I went with them. I know they thought that I would probably go to Derek’s, but I have Hazelle watching them, and they need me more here.

I was shocked when I saw that Allison, Stiles, and Scott had to be held under by the person who could bring them back. I figured that Lydia would be with Allison, just like she thought, but Deaton got us both when he told her to go with Stiles. I was also confused when he told Isaac to go with Allison, and that left me and Deaton.

“Zaira, I want you to go with Scott.” Deaton said and that threw me off big time.

“What? Why? I thought you would be going with him.” I asked utterly confused.

“I think you know the answer to those questions in your heart.” Deaton replied as he looked at me.

Scott and I looked at each other, and then Allison, Stiles, and Scott got in the tubs and Lydia, Isaac, and I stood behind them waiting on Deaton to tell us what to do next.

*Hazelle’s POV*

I watched as Derek took the pain from Cora, and then some. I noticed that his eyes turned from red back to the blue that Zaira fell in love with. I must say that she was right; anyone would fall in love with those eyes.

*Zaira’s POV*

Lydia, Isaac, and I got ready to push them under. We all looked at each other and knew that none of us really wanted to go through this, but we also knew that this was probably the only way to save the parents.

As we shoved them under, we waited for just a few seconds, which seemed to drag on and on, and then Scott’s eyes popped opened and they were yellow.


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