Little white lies

My school life sucks, I'm not social able, I only have one friend, and my parents could care less about me. My nickname has always been teenage dirtbag. And i'm know as the girl you shouldn't talk to. But what happens when my best friend get's two v.i,p tickets to see One Direction? When we get to go backstage, and I break down and tell them everything, what happen's when me and Cailee start falling for two of the boys?


3. Is this a dream?

   I couldn't see anything. The room was completely dark. Where am I? Why did i here Cailee scream? Is she okay? The last thing i remembered was jumping out of Cailee's mom's car. Did i hit my head or something? I am overthinking this way to much. 


   I got up and felt for the wall. I found it and was walking around when i finally felt the door knob. I opened the door and there was a big man wearing all black standing outside. "Kora how are you feeling?" the man asks. 


  "Umm i'm alright, where am i? Who are you?" i asked getting frightened.

  "My name is Paul and you are backstage at the One Direction concert."

  "No thats impossible, Where is my friend? I just.. I need to talk to her." i asked Paul.

  "Just follow me i will bring you to her." he told me walking away. All of a sudden i heard what sounded like thousands of girls screaming. The some british accents talking really loud, maybe using a microphone? 

  "Kora your okay!" Cailee screamed. "Thank you for watching over her Paul. The man nodded and walked away. "Follow me." Cailee said a little to excited. I followed her through some curtains and all of a sudden im what looks to be to the side of a stage, but why? Then all of a sudden i see Harry Styles. WAIT WHAT??? "Why the hell did i just see Harry fucking Styles not even 20 feet away from me?!" I asked Cailee. 

  "Maybe because we are backstage at their concert?" she told me giving me the DUH look.

  "Wait what exactly happened while i passed out?!"

   "Well we got out of my moms car and got in line to get in the building and Louis Tomlinson walked by. A ton of girls started screaming and you kindof just stood there and waved at him, with this big stupid smile on your face. Then he waved and smsiled back right at YOU look you in the eyes. And then you passed out. Louis ran over and grabbed you before your head hit the ground. He picked you up and told me to follow him. He set you in that room and told me to wait her for you to wake up. And now here we are." She told me her eyes glowing. This is just to good to be true. I looked out onto the stage and saw Louis, his eyes directly on mine. Was i actually falling for this boy?

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