Little white lies

My school life sucks, I'm not social able, I only have one friend, and my parents could care less about me. My nickname has always been teenage dirtbag. And i'm know as the girl you shouldn't talk to. But what happens when my best friend get's two v.i,p tickets to see One Direction? When we get to go backstage, and I break down and tell them everything, what happen's when me and Cailee start falling for two of the boys?


2. Concert time!

  "Cailee Kora hurry up we are leaving in ten minutes!" Cailee's mom yelled from downstairs. I can't believe that in less than an hour I'm going to be watching a One Direction concert! We ran out to the car as fast as we could. "I am so excited!" I screamed making her mom plug her ears.


  "Girls calm down it isnt that exciting!" Cailee's mom yells. We were speachless both of our mouths just dropped. I can not believe her mom just said that. Does she like not know us?! I mean we like LOVE them. I am so nervous to meet them its like not even funny.


  When we got there we opened the door and jumped out before her mom had even fully stopped the car. We ran up to the line, barely anyone was there yet! I cant even hold in my excitement when all of a sudden i see Louis Tomlinson walk past. I poked Cailee like ten times and just poined in awe. He looked right at me and smiked and waved. We both waved back...but then... I got really dizzy. I blacked out.


  I woke up in a room, i could here whispers outside. It was completly dark... Where am I? I thought to myself... Then all of a sudden i heard a scream. A very loud high pitched scream. SHIT! It was Cailee.

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