Picking Roses

Chrysanthemum Burch or Chryssi for short, is a 12 year old girl that has just lost her parents in a car accident. Her only living relative is her wealthy uncle Donny Burch. He is her god father so by law she is sent to live with him. At the time of her parents death, he had just gotten a new job and it caused him to not be able to take care of her, so he sent her off to Noralynette's Boarding School For Girls and Boys. She doesn't end up having that boarding-school-fun-away-from-parents like they say in the books because she doesn't make any friends. Not until she goes rose picking after supper one night to put in a vase she made in pottery. There, she comes acrossed a girl that she had noticed before, and she had known to have no friends either.


4. New Life

The next couple of days were rainy. I had heard on the weather channel my first night here that they would be like that. The current morning was especially dark though. I woke up at 7 am, got dressed, and walked downstairs quietly and ate a banana. I wasn't that hungry. Donny woke up shortly after me and came down with some news I wasn't expecting to hear. "Chryssi, you can't stay with me here anymore." was what he said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean, last night after you went to bed I got a call for a job that would cause me to have to stay at work almost all day. All but 9 hours of sleep at home and thats it. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. They would pay me so much. But then you would have to go with someone else, and I couldn't just give you off to a stranger. So I decided to send you to a boarding school." He said. "You WHAT?" I said. "Yes, I know, it was not what you were expecting, but I had to! It was for your own safety." He said. "But... I can't... I've lived here my entire life! I was just starting to get used to your house..." I said. "Yes, i know, but you'll make some great friends there!" He replied. "Yeah, just one problem, I'm not to good at doing that." I replied. "Oh, I'm sure you will. Your a charming girl." he said, and that ended that.


The summer went by like a breeze, because all I did during it was sit around and do nothing. I couldn't play outside with my friends because my only friend moved. I missed her. I really hoped that what I said wasn't true and someone like Maddie would be there. But I knew that wouldn't be true. I'm just that girl in the back of the class playing with her pencil and freaks out whenever I get called on to answer a question. I hope I don't continue to be that girl at this boarding school.

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