Picking Roses

Chrysanthemum Burch or Chryssi for short, is a 12 year old girl that has just lost her parents in a car accident. Her only living relative is her wealthy uncle Donny Burch. He is her god father so by law she is sent to live with him. At the time of her parents death, he had just gotten a new job and it caused him to not be able to take care of her, so he sent her off to Noralynette's Boarding School For Girls and Boys. She doesn't end up having that boarding-school-fun-away-from-parents like they say in the books because she doesn't make any friends. Not until she goes rose picking after supper one night to put in a vase she made in pottery. There, she comes acrossed a girl that she had noticed before, and she had known to have no friends either.


3. Donny Burch

It had rained the entire rest of the day. Mr. Jaden let me take the rest of the school year off since we only had a month of it left. I was old enough to stay home alone so I went home and just slept for the rest of the day. I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat anything. I don't think anyone would eat if they experienced what I did. I wanted to sleep for the rest of my life. Mother and Father were my only friends besides Madeline who lives 500 miles away now. The rest of the night was a disaster. So I just slept.


It was morning and I got a call on our house phone from Mr.Jayden. He was informing me to go to a place adressed 198 West Brook Lane. I'd never heard of it but I took a Taxi there anyways. The Taxi brought me there. I got out and it left. It was a house painted gray. I walked up to it and knocked. A middle-aged man answered the door. "Hello! You must be Chryssi. I'm Donny Burch, your uncle. It's been 9 long years since I've seen you! Your dark brown hair is as beautiful as ever!" he said. "Hello." I replied. "Well, now that your parents are, well, you know what, I am your guardian. I hope you like my home." he said. I did like his house very much. I didn't say that out loud though. But I would much rather be living here than an orphanage or foster home.

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