Picking Roses

Chrysanthemum Burch or Chryssi for short, is a 12 year old girl that has just lost her parents in a car accident. Her only living relative is her wealthy uncle Donny Burch. He is her god father so by law she is sent to live with him. At the time of her parents death, he had just gotten a new job and it caused him to not be able to take care of her, so he sent her off to Noralynette's Boarding School For Girls and Boys. She doesn't end up having that boarding-school-fun-away-from-parents like they say in the books because she doesn't make any friends. Not until she goes rose picking after supper one night to put in a vase she made in pottery. There, she comes acrossed a girl that she had noticed before, and she had known to have no friends either.


2. Chryssi, you are wanted in the main office.

I was still being stared at by my classmates. It was obvious my teacher had been speaking before, and it was obvious she was looking at me. I looked from my lap up to the  board, looking for the page we were supposed to be on in our science books. It was page 386. Just then, Miss Delight, my favorite teacher, walked in and passed a sealed envelope to my teacher, Mrs. Collins. She opened it and pulled out a nicely written letter. She scanned it, and put the letter onto her desk, and said "Chryssi, you are wanted in the main office.". I stood up, thankful for an excuse to leave that dreadful classroom, and walked out of the door and up to the main office. There were several offices there, so I'm not sure why it is called the "main office". Maybe because it had the Vice Principals office in it and the Principals office in it. I walked up to the main desk and Miss Hooch looked down at me through her large spectacles. "Ah, Chryssanthemum. Mr. Jadens wants to have a word with you in his office." she said. Then she went back to typing something on a rather new looking computer. I walked to the last office you see and knocked on it lightly with my skinny fingers. "Do come in!" I heard Mr. Jadens, the Principal, say. I opened the door quietly and closed it behind me. "Hello, sir. I heard you wanted to speak with me?" I asked. "Yes, dear. Do take a seat." He replied. I wondered to myself I was in trouble. But I didn't think that could be it because I never to anything wrong. "Ah, Chryssi. I have terrible news. And  personally I do not want to be the person to deliver this information to you because I know how painful it can be.." he said. "How painful what can be..?" I wondered aloud.  "Chryssi, I am ashamed to inform you that your parents are dead." he said. "What? That cannot be true! I saw them less that an hour ago!" I replied. "Oh but it is true. You can never trust that New York Taxi drivers can drive that well." he said. I could tell I was crying. But to be truthful, who wouldn't?

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