the mix up



3. what are they doing here

i was shocked why were they coming out? i saw them walk in ''what the hell are you doing '' they exchanged glances and smiled ''we all decided that it was time we go back to school so we came back to school oh and by the way im zayn this is harry ,liam,louis,and niall'' i sighed and said okay have fun today'' and i quickly walked off until i saw the last person i would want to.harry styles.    ughhh.why does he keep staring andfollowing me .''what do you want harry'' i said a bit annoyed. ''clam down babe ,the boys found a tour guide but said she can only take up to 4 people with her so do you mind showing me my classes'' i sighed no this cant be happening i wasnt even gonna go to class today i wasnt in the mood i just wanted to leave i was about to ditch until he came up to me ''well...erm..actually i wasnt feelling well so i think im just gonna head home but let me see your sheet'' i looked at his schedule they were all in my classes.great just great.i sighed and showed him his clases and ran home once i was there  i jumped into my bed and sobbed into my pillow then i saw my sister come home with a worried look ''ally where are you allyy'' she called i saw her and she saw my mascara running she looked at me shocked and confused i gulped  ''i know him '' 

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