the mix up


5. the way

i finally found the address you may ask i went to the attic and found letters,legal papers,a restricting order to my real mother so i used the address from the letter luckily she didnt move i saw the house right in front of me a huge house that looked like it was 4 stories high how could she afford this ? i knocked on the door and saw a lady that looked like ...anne,the lady from my flashback wait that must mean harry was there as wonder the house is so big ! ''erm ...hello uh sorry but  who are you''  i sighed and finally spoke ''my name is allison blair..well allison walker'' i said hoping she would remember ''your ...your amy's daughter '' she said as a smile creeped along her face and i just nodded she ran inside and then i heard loud joyful cry. and then i heard foosteps coming closer to the door but i didmt just see anne .i saw harry he must work out... i shook my head he was supposed to be my best friend not my imaginary boyfriend.''hey love what are you doing here and how do you know i lived here ''i sighed and walked in ignoring his questions i can explain later this is more important .then i found where the crying was from .there she was my mother . she ran up and hugged me we were both sobbing ''mom '' she kissed my forhead ''im sooo sorry that was the worst day of y life when i lost you '' i wiped my tears away  ''its fine mom im just glad you back '' then harry spoke up standing from the doorway ''WHAT !!'' i was shocked ''your -you are her duaghter --- my best friend'' he continued i sighed letting another tear fall from my cheeks ''yea ,is that gonna be a problem cause if it is we can just o back to normal or whats better for you we can just not talk to eachother '' i sighed again walking out and into the room  that my mom told me was mine from when i was little i looked at the purple walls and butterfly blanket but i had a big enough bed for me to still use.i sat down and the tears were strolling down faster and harder i heard a knock but i ignored it knocked 3 more times ''go away im going to bed '' i heard aloud groan ''babe ,i know your not sleeping i need to talk to you '' i gulped ''so what do you wanna  talk about , maybe the game,or your new single ,the fact you dont want to ever talk to me again,or how about the weather were having'' i said sarcasticlly ''listen love ,i wnat us to be best friends i want you to be with me and when you cry i can comfort you i wanna be the one you can tell your secrets  to please just listen babe .'' i gulped at the decision i was about to make. i opened the door and hugged harry he looked down on me and he closed eyes and hugged back that was when i realised he wasnt wearing a shirt only shorts i ignored and kept hugging . then i heard screaming downstair no way it was my parents well  should i say bella and ron (my ex parents names)  i pulled harry in the room and held him close to me i felt safe around him

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